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What is a Live Blood Analysis Anyways?

Written By PFC Fitness Camp • 2 min read

Live blood analysis is an educational tool which provides a roadmap for how the body is functioning. This educational tool allows individuals to understand what they are or are not digesting. Through this educational process an individual can better understand- how their dietary habits affect their body; if their current supplementation is effective and what changes can/should be made. In essence, proper digestion is the basic and fundamental key to overall health. In your analysis you will learn if you are properly digesting proteins, fats and sugars. You will gain a better understanding of how your body is processing what you ingest and how it is affecting your daily health. You will also come to an appreciation and importance of ENZYMES and proper nutritional supplementation. So, whether you are focused on weight loss, athletic training, recovery or just overall health you will have a detailed plan of how YOUR BODY can meet its goals.

An excess of undigested protein in the body can be identified as inflammation, swelling or edema. The long term effects of undigested protein can include arthritis, bursitis and gout among other serious conditions.


An excess of undigested  (unhealthy) fats can cause high blood pressure. The long terms effects of undigested fats can include weight gain and plaque on the arteries among other serious conditions.


An excess of undigested sugars effects the blood flow and glucose levels. Long term effects of undigested sugars can include diabetes and neuropathy among other serious conditions.


In reality, the vast majority of health issues (whether common or serious) have a direct correlation with the improper digestion of the above mentioned components. Any one of them, in excess, can negatively affect your body.

Dr. Edward Howell in his book “Enzyme Nutrition The Food Enzyme Concept” stated, “Digestion…acts as a powerful stimulus in the demand for enzymes. If this function takes more than its rightful share, the other organs and tissues must try to get along with the remaining capacity. The only warning may be a belated malfunction or breakdown in some organ far removed from the digestive tract. But the diagnostician unaware of the importance of enzyme nutrition would have difficulty in connecting such a referred process to the true, underlying cause. This is how an assortment of human ailments may be started.” (Howell, 1985)

Remember, it is not what we take in- but rather how to digest it!

At PFC Fitness Camp, all of our fitness and weight loss programs include a live blood analysis with one-on-one overview and consultation. For more information, call (888) 488-8936 or email us at info@premierfitnesscamp.com 

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