Megan Brandt

Megan Brandt

Megan is originally from Appleton, WI and received her MS from CALU of Pennsylvania after being awarded the Pursuit of Excellence in Health and Fitness Award. She previously operated her own personal training business for six years and prior to that, worked as a personal trainer and athletic trainer in a variety of settings, such as clinics, colleges, high schools, and health clubs. Megan's specialties include: Fitness assessments and programming, corrective exercise, injury rehabilitation, and health promotion. Credentials: Master of Science (MS) in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, Certified Athletic Trainer, National Athletic Training Association Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine

HIIT it!

You may not have tried it yet, but you’ve probably heard of the popular way to train called HIIT, or high-intensity interval training. While this is not a new way to train, it’s popularity has increased tremendously in recent years- and for good reasons! Many individuals enjoy HIIT for both the time-saving benefit and the…

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How, Why, and When to Foam Roll

Roll Your Muscle Pain Away in Minutes You’ve probably noticed those cylindrical shaped foam tubes at your local health club or maybe you’ve witnessed a fellow gym mate balancing and rolling out their quad muscles on them. Foam rolling is not the newest gym gadget out there, but it certainly has become a popular tool—and…

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