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See the change through the
power of nutrition

The only culinary fitness retreat that combines weight loss with the art of cooking.

There’s more to food than just fuel. Food is an enjoyable part of life and a critical element of weight loss. That’s why we brought together the nation’s top Wellness Chef, Anthony Rodriguez, and Certified Nutritionist, Katie Di Lauro, to create a metabolism-boosting culinary experience. With our program, you’ll learn how to make seasonal, local, whole, satisfying meals that help you lose weight and keep it off.

Master the art of shopping, cooking, and dining
like a culinary chef - and nutritionist.

Principles of nutrition education + Hands-on learning + Interactive cooking lessons

Master the art of shopping, cooking, and
dining like a culinary chef – and nutritionist.

Learn how to create and sustain total health
at the nation’s leading health and fitness program.

Interactive cooking lessons and demonstrations

Master culinary arts with interactive cooking demonstrations led by one of the nation’s top wellness chefs. You’ll receive one-on-one support to learn how to recreate nutritious meals that don’t compromise taste or flavor. Then, using only the freshest and finest ingredients, you’ll go home with all the recipes from meals prepared by the culinary experts at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. You can also enroll in our cooking camp for adults add-on program, Culinary Fit, for an even more immersive nutrition experience.

Hands-on shopping & dining guidance

From the grocery aisle to restaurant menus, you’ll learn how to read labels and ingredient lists for weight loss success. Then, with hands-on guidance from our experts, you’ll learn how to shop like a nutritionist and understand how to navigate the grocery store and dine out successfully.

At-home coaching for continued success

Your experience at PFC Fitness Camp doesn’t end when you say goodbye. With our at-home coaching program, you’ll always have a piece of PFC to encourage you and provide helpful feedback as you transition back to your new, healthy routine. In addition, your personal coach will be there with you every step of the way and will help hold you accountable.

70% of weight loss success is through nutrition

It’s our mission to provide you with the tools, skills, knowledge, and accountability to make healthy choices for life. Our program is about lifestyle change, powered by the nation’s top health experts to ensure you develop the right habits to meet your goals and live a meaningful, healthy, and happy life.

Take a peek inside our menu

Train with the top wellness team in the country.

Anthony Rodriguez, Executive Wellness Chef

A Chef by passion and a nerd by heart Anthony enjoys a good tabletop game as much as he enjoys creating a 4-course meal. Growing up as a latchkey kid in a military family Anthony would walk home from school, with his younger sister, to instructions left by Mom on how to start and cook dinner. When that wasn’t the case dinner was always a whole family affair, everyone around the table at the same time sharing their day. Learning to spin the spice rack and add fun to any dish that he made Anthony developed a passion for creating delicious food for others to enjoy.

Attending Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy in 2010 Anthony excelled in his classes and took his culinary training to New Orleans to start his professional culinary career. Taking his skills from fine dining restaurants to hole in the wall eateries and even specialty bakeries, Anthony learned as much as he could from anyone willing to teach him.

In his off time, Anthony enjoys almost anything computer entertainment-related along with tabletop RPGs, a la Dungeons and Dragons. If he’s not doing that you can probably find him on the softball field or behind the grill with family and friends.

Bringing his skills and knowledge to PFC, Anthony loves to give people those classic comfort flavors and experiences with the twist of having them nurture and advance a clean and healthier eating lifestyle.

Katie Di Lauro, Nutrition Director

Katie is lucky enough to combine her passion and hobby of nutrition into her career. She started in the wellness field in 2002 when she began personal training. After graduating with a degree in applied nutrition, Katie began traveling nationwide training schools of grades K-12on how to create coordinated school health programs. She then pivoted to corporate wellness, designing and implementing wellness programs for organizations committing to creating healthy workplace environments to support their employee’s overall wellbeing. 

The benefits of working in wellness are experiencing the life-changing shifts in individuals’ lives. Being an Integrated and Functional Certified Practitioner allows Katie to work with clients to uncover the root causes of symptoms, such as food sensitivities, lifestyle sources of inflammation, and nutrition choices. Katie joined the PFC team as Director of Nutrition with a goal of providing practical, essential, and empowering nutrition education in addition to providing integrative and functional lifestyle intervention to improve overall health status with a special focus on digestive health, heart health, and energy level due to micronutrient absorption.

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Food options and dietary restrictions

Our menu is gluten-free (not always celiac-safe) and dairy optional. We need to be notified of allergies at the earliest opportunity. While we are not an allergy-free kitchen, due to possible cross-contamination, we do our best to accommodate concerns. Campers have the opportunity to notify PFC of food allergies and concerns before coming to camp.

We offer a variety of vegetarian options:
• pescatarian
• ovotarian
• lacto-tarian
• vegan diets.

Almost all kosher options are available at an additional cost, as they will be outsourced appropriately. Notification of needing a kosher arrangement requires one-week advance notice.

Medical necessities must be discussed and approved by the dietitian and/or kitchen before committing to the Camper’s needs. Custom meal plans may not be accommodated depending on the needs and restrictions.

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Single/Double Occupancy Rate Starting at 1 Week.

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