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Learn the art of delicious (healthy!) cooking.

Enhance your core weight loss program with daily lessons on the art of making delicious, metabolism-boosting meals from the nation’s top Wellness Chef, Anthony Rodriguez.

With our program, you’ll learn how to create healthy, satisfying meals from seasonal, local, whole foods that can accelerate your weight loss and support maintenance long after you return home.

What you’ll enjoy:

Core PFC weight loss program + Culinary lessons + Incredible resort experience

Who is Culinary Fit for?

Culinary fit is for anyone who wants to improve their relationship with food. Whether you enjoy cooking or are just learning how, Culinary Fit can help you gain a new appreciation for food as you lose weight. Get hands-on assistance with approachable meal-planning, family-friendly options, and more.

Why Culinary Fit?

Learn the basics

From the grocery aisle and cooking basics to advanced culinary techniques, learn the groundwork to create a healing kitchen of flavorful foods and realistic menus to easily apply at home.

Develop hands-on skills

Meal prep, knife skills, balanced plates, nutrition, mindful cooking, whole ingredients & fat-burning recipes that make cooking a fun, indispensable tool in your weight loss and fitness goals.

Bring home the change

From the farmers market back to the Kitchen, recreate every sauce, snack and mouthwatering meal so you are armed with all the healthy, culinary tools you need for success at home.

Inside a day of Culinary Fit at PFC

  • 6:30 amOrientation
  • 7:00 amHealth Assessment
  • 8:00 amBreakfast
  • 8:40 amMove Session: InBody Results
  • 9:00 amFitness Assessment
  • 12:00 pmLunch
  • 12:30 pmLecture with Behavioral Health Therapist
  • 1:30 pmMaxa Muscle
  • 3:30 pmSnack
  • 3:45 pmYoga Stretch
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 6:30 amNutrition Shake
  • 7:00 pmHI: Bootcamp -OR-
  • Lo: Barre Hybrid
  • 8:15 amBreakfast
  • 8:30 amLecture with
  • Registered Dietician Nutritionist
  • 12:00 pmLunch
  • 12:30 pmCooking Demo
  • 1:30 pmTorrey Pines Beach Hike
  • 4:15 pmStretch It Out
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 6:00 pmRoad Runner Stride Analysis
  • & Shoe Fitting
  • 6:30 amNutrition Shake
  • Laundry Drop Off
  • 7:00 amSpin -OR- Intervals
  • 8:15 amBreakfast
  • 8:45 amCooking Demo
  • 9:45 amMax Muscle
  • 11:00 amSnack
  • 12:00 pmLunch
  • 4:15 pmYoga
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 6:00 amNutrition Shake
  • 6:30 amHalf Day Hike
  • 8:15 amBreakfast (During Hike)
  • 10:30 amSnack (During Hike)
  • 12:15 pmLunch
  • 3:00 pmSnack
  • 3:30 pmAqua Blast -OR-
  • Lecture with
  • Registered Dietician Nutritionist
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 6:15 amDeparting Assessments
  • 6:30 amNutrition Shake
  • 7:00 amDouble Peak Park Time Trial
  • 8:45 amBreakfast
  • 9:45 amLecture with Fitness Director -OR-
  • DIY Max Muscle
  • 12:00 pmLunch
  • 12:45 pmCooking Demo
  • 1:30 pmTabata!
  • 2:15 pmSnack, Weekly Reflections & Slideshow
  • 3:30 pmZumba
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 7:30 amDeparting Assessments
  • 8:00 amBreakfast
  • 9:00 amHI: Ropes, Balls & Sprints -OR-
  • LO: TRX Toner
  • 10:15 amSnack
  • 10:30 amBatiquitos Lagoon Walk
  • 12:00 pmLunch
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 9:00 amBreakfast
  • 1:00 pmLunch
  • 4:15 pmNew Arrivals Tour
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 6:00 pmInner Connection Meditation

Note: The Culinary Fit program includes 10-15 hours of one-on-one work with the PFC Wellness Chef dispersed throughout the week. You determine the hours that works best for you!

Before & after weight loss results for PFC camper Lauren

“So it is with the utmost conviction I say that attending PFC Fitness was an amazing & enlightening experience! I can not put into words how truly thankful I am that I was lucky enough to be able to go. I found myself again; got my confidence back; learned how, for my body type, I needed to eat & exercise; and most importantly, I learned how to adopt a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, instead of trying to change myself for it. I am healthier mentally & physically & the happiest I have ever been! ”

— Lauren M.
Before & after weight loss results for PFC camper Michael

“After researching a lot of weight loss camps, PFC Fitness Camp seemed like the right fit. The staff was great, the trainers were awesome. They were so knowledgable, they modified workouts to my ability. I never felt like there was anything I couldn’t do. ”

— Michael
Before & after weight loss results for PFC camper Mike

“Today, the journey to wellness continues. Since starting at PFC in January of 2011, I have seen my weight drop from 340 lbs to 220 lbs, coupled with marked improvements in my physical and mental health. Simply put, I don’t just feel like the old “Mike” again, but a new and improved version. I have my health and look forward to continuing my pursuit of wellness, a pursuit made easier knowing that I always have my PFC family to turn to when times get tough. Thanks again, PFC, for truly giving me my life back! ”

— Mike F.
Before & after weight loss results for PFC camper Yasmin

“While at PFC I learned that weight loss is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. It also isn't about the number on the scale, but about how you feel. Personally, the accomplishments I have gained while at PFC far surpass any struggle I've endured prior to try to achieve them. The most rewarding part of my weight loss journey was seeing how much I'm actually capable of doing. I'll be back! ”

— Yasmin

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