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Culinary Fit

Culinary Fit Program

Weight loss for people who love food

*Individual results may vary

Learn the art of delicious (healthy!) cooking.

Enhance your core weight loss program with daily lessons on making delicious, metabolism-boosting meals from the nation’s top Wellness Chef, Ryan Orlando.

With our program, you’ll learn how to create healthy, satisfying meals from seasonal, local, whole foods that can accelerate your weight loss and support maintenance long after you return home.

What you’ll enjoy:

Core PFC weight loss camp + Culinary lessons + Incredible resort experience

Who is Culinary Fit for?

Culinary fit is for anyone who wants to improve their relationship with food. Whether you enjoy cooking or are just learning, Culinary Fit can help you gain a new appreciation for food as you lose weight. Get hands-on assistance with approachable meal planning, family-friendly options, and more.

Why Culinary Fit?

Learn the basics

From the grocery aisle and cooking basics to advanced culinary techniques, learn the groundwork to create a healing kitchen of flavorful foods and realistic menus to apply at home easily.

Develop hands-on skills

Meal prep, knife skills, balanced plates, nutrition, mindful cooking, whole ingredients & fat-burning recipes make cooking fun and an indispensable tool in your weight loss and fitness goals.

Bring home the change

From the farmers market back to the kitchen, recreate sauces, snacks, and mouthwatering meals to arm you with all the healthy culinary tools you need for success at home.

Learn The Skills To Support At Home Success

Discover essential skills for home success with Culinary Fit. From mastering protein, vegetables, sauces, dietary needs, knife skills, PFC meals, to meal planning, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a sample of some of the focuses you can choose from:

Please note that the offerings listed above are not packaged together but are individual options within our Culinary FIT program. You can buy 1 session, or you can buy blocks to lower your price per session. When signing up, simply let your program representative know which offerings you’d like to add to your Culinary FIT package to customize your experience.

Make the choice to make a change.

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Single/Double Occupancy Rate Starting at 1 Week.

1 (888) 488-8936

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