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There’s nowhere quite like Premier Fitness Camp.

Five-star experience

From a world-renowned resort and world-class trainers, physicians, and mental health professionals, the Premier Fitness Camp experience is unlike any other.

Whole-person approach

Transformation is an inside job. Our trained behavioral health professionals will work with you to shift limiting beliefs and build habits that create lasting change.

Proven, data-backed results

A study by the University of California shows that our physician-design program leads to significant weight loss while maintaining lean muscle and increasing metabolic capability.

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Premier Fitness Camp Resort at La Costa - pool & grounds

More than a weight loss camp.
PFC transforms the way you live.

Learn how to create and sustain total wellness
at the nation’s leading health retreat and fitness program.


Our highly-educated behavioral health professionals work with you to shift deeply-held beliefs and old patterns that hold you back from your goals — creating a foundation for lasting health, inside and out.

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Master the art of shopping, cooking and dining like a culinary chef — and a nutritionist. Learn how to create seasonal, local, whole, satisfying meals that actually help you lose weight and keep it off.

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Push yourself to new heights with the nation’s top fitness trainers. From rigorous to low-impact, experience cutting-edge exercises through a variety of activities while learning proper techniques to ensure optimum results.

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Enrich your stay with program add-ons.

From high-intensity to low-impact, sports-focused or rejuvenation-inspired, PFC offers a range of approaches that make getting fit safe, effective, and fun. View add-ons for your weight loss retreat below.

Culinary Fit

Gourmet Salad with fresh vegetables made in the Culinary Fit Program

Learn to cook (healthy) gourmet meals.

Spa Fit

Woman gets relaxing back massage during spa fitness program

Rejuvenate mind and body.

Tennis Fit

person holds tennis racket & ball

Improve your tennis record.

Golf Fit

Golf instruction at PFC's golf fitness program

Refine your golf swing.

What Makes PFC Different?

At Premier Fitness Camp, we believe that lasting weight loss and improved health comes from a combination of physical activity, nutritious eating, and a positive mindset. That's why we offer a holistic approach to wellness that goes beyond just the physical aspect of weight loss. Our team of experienced trainers and nutritionists work with each participant to develop a personalized plan that addresses their individual needs and goals. In addition, our small group sizes and intimate setting allow us to provide a level of attention and support that you won't find at other weight loss resorts. At PFC, we create a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters meaningful connections and lasting results.

PFC is Much More Than a Fat Camp for Adults

Premier Fitness Camp is the first step to lifelong wellness.

Throw away preconceived ideas about “fat camps”; PFC is a holistic health retreat that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and excited about your weight loss journey. Our program delivers visible results in a resort-style environment for a truly unforgettable and, most importantly, enjoyable experience. Bringing together leading professionals in mental health, nutrition, and fitness, we’ve created a weight loss camp that changes your perspective, not just the number on the scale. Unlike traditional weight loss camps, PFC focuses just as much on the inner transformation as the outer. The new behaviors and beliefs you’ll develop in our world-renowned adult weight loss camp will help you maintain your physical results long after you return home.

All inclusive packages as low as $3,950/wk

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Our dedicated facilities are located inside of the world-famous Omni Resort, just 30 minutes north of San Diego International Airport and minutes from some of California’s most beloved beaches in Carlsbad, CA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A fitness camp supports total body wellness, whereas a traditional “fat camp” focuses solely on short-term weight loss. If you’re searching for lasting results, it’s important to have support for the mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional components of total body wellness. Our approach not only kickstarts your body makeover at camp, but sets you up for continued success at home. Choosing a fitness camp over a fat camp can offer the perspective shift you need to finally achieve a lifestyle that supports long-term weight loss.

Our approach is highly effective for weight loss, but it’s not the only reason people seek out Premier Fitness Camp. Because we promote total body wellness, our California fitness camp offers support for building mental and emotional resiliency and strength — characteristics that can serve you no matter where you are with your physical journey. And, with nutritional workshops and add-ons such as our Golf Fit or Tennis Fit programs, you can invest in yourself and your interests in a uniquely supportive and positive environment.

A lower number on the scale may be the primary goal for most of our participants, but we see that as a secondary result of our true aim — wellness, in every sense of the word. Lifelong wellness comes when you have greater peace and connection to your emotional and mental state, as well as a practical understanding of how nutrition and fitness play an integral role in feeling good and living well. Our program — the only accelerated weight loss program with University validation — helps you bring all of these components together to realign your life in a more harmonious and healthy way

We make sure your time at Premier Fitness Camp is as enjoyable as it is effective because we know that when the journey is fun, it’s easier to continue. Our weight loss camp offers one, two, three, and four-week programs based on your availability and budget. We also offer add-on programs built around your hobby and interests. Golf Fit is ideal for avid golfers looking to improve their game; Tennis Fit is perfect for those hobby tennis players; Spa Fit offers plenty of options for self-care at our celebrated spa; and Culinary Fit is designed for home chefs looking to improve their craft.

Premier Fitness Camp in San Diego is truly the only adult weight loss camp of its kind. While we’re most proud of our reputation for lasting results, we also make sure you enjoy every moment of the process in our unbeatable setting. Located at the beautiful Omni Resort La Costa, we are just 30 minutes from San Diego International Airport. Once you arrive, you step into a luxury retreat with five-star amenities like 400 acres of lush landscapes, world-class beach access just minutes away, two award-winning golf courses, and eight swimming pools.

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