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Health is an inside job

If there’s one thing that most fitness protocols overlook, it’s this:

Health starts on the inside — with the way you think, the way you feel, and the decisions you make as a result.

Many people struggle to make progress in their fitness journey simply because they haven’t uncovered this blocker. So at PFC, we start there. We address the mental and emotional aspects of health, to remove the limiting beliefs that have held you back from where you want to be.

THINK Department Mission

Identify and understand the core underlying issues that affect your ability to make and maintain health lifestyle changes.

To transform your body,
first transform your mind.

Individual alliances

Our expert coaches focus on catching, challenging and changing the way you think.

Internal motivators

Understand what you want and what’s preventing you from getting there.

Flexible, realistic goals

Achieve lasting success in a way that’s sustainable and rewarding.

There’s a science to lasting behavior change — and we’ll help you master it.

Cultivating a fresh perspective on life — and living.

Build strategies, boost confidence and cultivate a positive outlook with the hands-on training from our internationally-recognized behavioral psychologists. You’ll gain the tools and build the foundation to sustain a new “living” style for whole body wellness that feels not only sustainable, but inspiring.

A personalized journey with one-on-one support.

Everyone who comes here has their own reasons for why weight loss is challenging. Mindset, emotional trauma, problematic eating, and bad habits are just some of the reasons our campers have struggled in the past. One-on-one customized support and specialized therapy addresses a range of issues that could be holding you back. Behavioral coaching, eating disorder treatment, walk & talk therapy, couples therapy, and family counselling are just some of the resources available to help you heal.

At-home support coaching for sustainable results.

Your experience at PFC Fitness Camp doesn't end when you say goodbye — in many ways, it’s only the beginning. Distance-based coaching supports you in implementing and integrating all you’ve learned into your daily life — which can truly be the difference between short term success and a permanent shift in your “living style”.

Page Lauer - Wellness Director at PFC

Meet the brilliant minds (and passionate hearts) behind proven wellness

Page Lauer, MFT, CEDS, Wellness Director

Page Lauer, MFT, CEDS, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist working in private practice since 2001. Before coming to PFC, she founded and ran her own eating disorder and wellness center for nearly a decade.

Page values and deeply understands the mind-body connection. She brings expertise in the psychology of eating, healthy body image, weight loss as well as the underlying causes that complicate these issues.

In addition to advanced degrees in Sociology and Marriage and Family Therapy and also specializes in the treatment of obesity, weight loss, anxiety, stress management motivation, and relationship issues, Page also holds certifications or advanced training in integrated modalities such as Yoga, Meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Couples Therapy.

Because of her years in the industry, as well as her unique cross-training in psychology and mind-body health, Page will invigorate your camp experience with group lectures, optional one-on-one sessions, and phone or video coaching when you return home.

In her spare time, Page enjoys hiking and going to the beach with her family along with camping and reading.

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