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Knowledge is key to greater weight loss success. Experience one-of-a-kind training methods from our renowned team of health experts to maximize your understanding of how to achieve sustainable weight loss goals. At PFC Fitness Camp, we’ll help identify the root of your challenges, develop solutions to your personal obstacles and teach sustainable habit change to help you live a fit, healthy and happy life.


Regardless of fitness level, at some point in our lives we all experience that internal voice of doubt telling us ‘we can’t.’ Emotions remain one of the top obstacles to weight loss, and because of that, PFC Fitness Camp offers the nation’s top behavioral psychologists and life coaches led by the nationally acclaimed, Dr. Michael Mantell. As the National Spokesperson and Senior Fitness Consultant of Behavioral Sciences for ACE (American Council for Exercise), Dr. Mantell along with all of our coaches deliver an unrivaled service devoted to your optimal health.


Eating well is not a diet. It’s a way of life. PFC’s Director of Nutrition, Jessica Janc oversees a world-class culinary staff in the preparation of mouth-watering, gourmet meals comprised of the optimal amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats to keep your metabolism running high during workouts throughout the day. Through weekly cooking lessons, group workshops, Whole Foods Market field trips and dining at some of San Diego’s best restaurants, Jessica provides  the knowledge and know-how needed to help you develop lasting, healthy habits for the rest of your life.


When it comes to fitness, an integral part of achieving great results lies in the techniques behind the routines. Without properly performing each movement, one cannot reach their own physical potential. Before you hit the gym, PFC Fitness Camp’s experienced trainers walk you through each step, pull, squat and lift to ensure optimal results without injury or strain.


Sleep & Weight Loss

If you’ve been skipping zzz’s to log more hours in the day you could be missing out on a critical health and weight loss strategy—sleep. There are several reasons losing shut-eye will hinder your fitness and weight loss efforts, and our comprehensive sleep program designed by PFC’s internationally respected, Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Lee Rice of the Life Wellness Institute, will help you understand the science of your slumber along with tactics to eliminate the sleep deprivation keeping you from weight loss success and ultimately, optimal health.

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From London to Los Angeles and all over the world, PFC has a special way of uniting various cultures, personalities, ages, fitness levels and goals into one very connected family, forming bonds that last far beyond their journey at PFC. Stay connected and follow along.

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