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What Does Personality Have to Do with Health?

Written By Page Lauer • 3 min read

Exploring the Role of Personality in Health and Well-being Health, fitness, and weight loss are not ‘one-size-fits-all,’ not by a long shot! The diet industry, however, would have us believe otherwise with their quick fixes and magic formulas that... Read More

The Scoop On Poop: What Your Bowel Movements Say About Your Health

Written By Katie Di Lauro • 3 min read

How to assess and improve your gut health. We all do it, we all think about it, but rarely talk about it… Poop. Although the butt of many jokes (see what I did there), funny emojis and children’s humor,... Read More

Easy Vegan Lentil Gyro Recipe

Written By PFC Fitness Camp • 3 min read

Try This Vegan Lentil Gyro Recipe Are you searching for a way to become a hero in your own home during mealtime? Look no further than the tantalizing and nutritious Vegan Lentil Gyro Recipe! This dish is not only... Read More

End Your Fitness Plateau with Progressive Overload!

Written By Megan Brandt • 3 min read

Are you feeling overwhelmed and uninspired with your current exercise routine in the gym? Frustrated with your gym routine not yielding desired results? This happens to a lot of us. The good news: There’s a solution to your problem—Progressive... Read More

The Psychology Of Exercise!

Written By Page Lauer • 4 min read

From improved well-being and increased energy levels to better sleep, enhanced confidence and a more resilient attitude to stress – exercise can provide a range of mental health benefits. A study from Harvard showed that physical activity can decrease... Read More

Your Cheat Sheet To Understanding Food Labels

Written By PFC Fitness Camp • 4 min read

Are you making health-conscious decisions when it comes to grocery shopping? Unfortunately, deciphering nutrition labels can be tricky – but it doesn’t have to be! The FDA has designed nutrition fact labels to provide us with the most relevant... Read More

The Mindful Approach To Weight Loss

Written By Cedric M • 1 min read

Are you looking to improve your relationship with food? Mindfulness could be your answer! It’s not a religion or philosophy, but a practice that allows you to become more aware. Mindfulness draws you to the present moment and your... Read More

The key to an explosion of flavor with Quinoa!

Written By PFC Fitness Camp • 2 min read

Discover the ancient superfood that has been around for centuries: Quinoa! From the lofty peaks of the Andes to the dinner tables of the world, quinoa has truly made a remarkable journey. Celebrated and cherished by the indigenous cultures... Read More

The Link Between Your Food and Your Mood

Written By PFC Fitness Camp • 2 min read

Understanding Food and Mood Did you know… What we eat not only affects how we look and feel physically but increasing the nutrient density of our meals can also help to keep our mind functioning optimally!  Having a healthy... Read More

A New Year To Become The Real You!

Written By Page Lauer • 1 min read

For many, the turn of the year is a time of reflection, making resolutions, and beginning again. Certainly, we know there is value in taking inventory and fine tuning how we go forward. Interestingly however, 92% of people who... Read More

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