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End Your Fitness Plateau with Progressive Overload!

Written By Megan Brandt • 3 min read

Are you feeling overwhelmed and uninspired with your current exercise routine in the gym? Frustrated with your gym routine not yielding desired results? This happens to a lot of us. The good news: There’s a solution to your problem—Progressive... Read More

Why You Should Focus on Fat Loss vs Weight Loss!

Written By Megan Brandt • 3 min read

It’s that time of the year when people begin to make resolutions for the new year. Also, for many, a primary goal might be this: “I want to lose weight!” In fact, a top reason people choose Premier Fitness... Read More

The 4 Components of a Well-Rounded Fitness Lifestyle!

Written By Megan Brandt • 4 min read

What comes to mind when you think of fitness training or “getting-in-shape?” Curling a big dumbbell? Loading heavy weights on a squat rack? Or, how about this one—running an endless amount of miles on the treadmill hoping to sweat... Read More

Perfect Your Push-Ups

Written By Megan Brandt • 2 min read

Common Mistakes and Techniques to Correct Mistake #1 Elbows flare out too wide  Correction: Place your hands just outside shoulder-width and when you execute your push-ups, keep your elbows at a 45-60 degree angle forming an arrow shape with... Read More

The Importance Of Rest and Recovery Between Workouts

Written By Megan Brandt • 2 min read

Exercise is physically and mentally demanding on the body. In order to reap the benefits from your workouts, it is important that you actually rest on a rest day. This does not mean that you are laying on the... Read More

Rest – It’s part of the program!

Written By Samantha Crosland • 6 min read

When it comes to health, fitness, weight loss, and eating clean, the industry is saturated with ‘all or nothing’ mentality pushers. You may have seen hashtags like “team no days off”, “no pain no gain”, “gym rat”, “work hard... Read More

8 Ways to Ease Chronic Back Pain

Written By Megan Brandt • 2 min read

Are you one of the 80% of adults who has experienced low back pain? Most back pain is acute, meaning it occurs suddenly and only lasts a few days to a few weeks. However, for some of us, it... Read More

9 Ways To Work Out Your Brain & Reduce Stress

Written By Megan Brandt • 1 min read

Most people know how great physical exercise is for the body, but do you know how beneficial physical exercise can be to reduce stress and boost brain health? Research indicates that exercise can help boost the brain’s ability to... Read More


Written By Megan Brandt • 1 min read

EMOM, (aka Every Minute on the Minute), is a form of HIIT high-intensity interval training where you will be working for a short amount of time followed by a recovery period.  With EMOM workouts, you have 1 minute to... Read More

How To Create Fitness Goals

Written By Samantha Crosland • 4 min read

The new year has brought with it a new desire to level up in all aspects of our personal lives. Many of us start the new year off with grand intentions and magnificent fitness goals… and while seeing yourself... Read More

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