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Fitness foundations for an active and healthy life

Adaptive fitness programs for flexible intensity

There's no one size fits all fitness program. At PFC, leading wellness experts have designed our fitness foundations to challenge the most athletic guests while providing low-impact alternatives to those with injury and health needs.

What you'll enjoy

Individualized and diverse training + State of the art facilities + Body composition tracking

Functional fitness, built around variety


Inside a day at PFC

  • 6:30 amOrientation
  • 7:00 amHealth Assessment
  • 8:00 amBreakfast
  • 8:40 amMove Session: InBody Results
  • 10:00 amNutrition 101
  • 12:00 pmLunch
  • 12:30 pmLecture
  • 1:30 pmMax Muscle or Selected Add On
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 6:30 amNutrition Shake
  • 7:00 amHI: Bootcamp -OR-
  • LO: Barre Hybrid
  • 8:15 amBreakfast
  • 8:30 amLecture
  • 10:45 amSnack
  • 12:00 pmLunch
  • 12:30 pmCooking Demo
  • 1:30 pmTorrey Pines Hike or Selected Add On
  • 5:00 pm Dinner
  • 6:00 pmRoad Runner Stride Analysis
  • Shoe Fitting
  • 6:30 amNutrition Shake
  • Laundry Drop Off
  • 8:15 amBreakfast
  • 8:45 amCooking Demo
  • 11:00 amSnack
  • 12:00 pmLunch
  • 12:30 pmLecture
  • 1:30 pmStand Up Paddle Boarding/Kayaking or Selected Add On
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 6:00 amNutrition Shake
  • 8:15 amBreakfast (During Hike)
  • 10:30 amSnack (During Hike)
  • 12:15 pmLunch
  • 1:30 pmFoam Rolling & Mobility or Selected Add On
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 6:15 amDeparting Assessments
  • 6:30 amNutrition Shake
  • 8:45 amBreakfast
  • 9:45 amLecture -OR- DIY Max Muscle
  • 12:00 pmLunch
  • 12:45 pmCooking Demo
  • 1:30 pmTabata or Selected Add On
  • 2:30 pmSnack
  • 3:30 pmZumba
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 7:30 amDeparting Assessment
  • 8:00 amBreakfast
  • LO: TRX Toner
  • 10:15 amSnack
  • 12:00 pmLunch
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 9:00 amBreakfast
  • 1:00 pmLunch
  • 4:15 pmNew Arrivals Tour
  • 5:00 pmDinner
  • 6:00 pmInner Connection Meditation

A healthy life is more than lbs on a scale

The first step in losing weight is understanding your body. Our comprehensive body assessment and fitness test measures your cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat, weight and physical condition to ensure you and our trainers understand your physical and internal limitations and build a plan for lasting fitness and health.

Digestive & nutritional health

Working alongside the world’s foremost nutritionist to today’s top athletes, PFC partnered with Randall R. Grant of Divine Nature to help demystify your digestive woes, improve nutritional absorption, metabolism of food and aid in weight loss goals. All PFC packages include a one-on-one health evaluation for a comprehensive look at current eating habits and existing digestive or health issues followed by a personalized health plan.


As part of a comprehensive medical evaluation, you also have the option to participate in a cutting-edge DEXA body composition scan. DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) scans are the “gold standard” technique for detecting osteoporosis, measuring bone density and body fat. The DEXA scan is ideal for anyone interested in an accurate measurement of their bone, muscle and fat mass to identify before and after bone health. Dexa scan available for additional fee.

Fitness assessment

When you arrive at PFC Fitness Camp, your experience starts with a complete fitness assessment that includes blood and flexibility tests, vital signs, body composition testing and more. We believe in the mantra that says, "If you can measure it, you can manage it" and by the time we're done, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of your body inside and out.

PFC fitness director - megan brandt

Train with the top fitness team in the country.

Megan Brandt, Fitness Director

Megan is a highly educated health and fitness enthusiast that has been helping people of all ages and abilities reach their health and fitness goals since 1999. A Midwest native, Megan lived in Illinois and Wisconsin before moving to beautiful San Diego with her husband and two daughters.

In 2013, Megan was awarded the Pursuit of Excellence in Health and Fitness Award, which included a scholarship for her to receive her Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from CALU of Pennsylvania. Prior to PFC, Megan was the Director of Fitness and Clinical Content Development for a health and wellness management company.

She has also partnered with physicians who referred their patients with chronic diseases to her for exercise and nutrition prescription. Prior to that, she worked in a variety of settings, such as physical therapy clinics, colleges, high schools, and health clubs. Megan is a certified athletic trainer (NATA), certified personal trainer (NASM), and certified corrective exercise specialist (NASM) who is truly passionate about teaching you how to enjoy proper movement, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles

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