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Are You Ready for Weight-Loss Surgery? 3 Tips You Need to Know!

Written By Wendy Sallin • 1 min read

You’re at the end of your ropes. Traditional methods of losing weight with diet, exercise, and medications have proved ineffective and body contouring plastic surgery (also known as bariatric surgery) is your last resort.Though financing the actual procedure represents a large percentage of making your way to the operating table, becoming physically prepared for your life transformation proves just as critical if not more to ensure post-operative recovery and long-term weight loss success.

Apfc-dexa-scannswering a need to prepare the growing number of patients opting for weight-loss surgeries, PFC Fitness Camp recently partnered with Dr. Reza Sadrian, one of the very few plastic surgeons nationally recognized for his practice in plastic and reconstructive surgery. In a recent article, Preparing for Body Contouring Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sadrian emphasizes the cruciality of preoperative weight-loss to avoid potentially serious surgical complications.


Committed to that partnership with Dr. Sadrian, PFC offers a comprehensive approach to weight-loss combining the perfect balance of fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness to prepare patients for pre- and post-operative success as well as a lifetime of health and well being beyond the operating table.

If you are seriously considering bariatric surgery, here are 3 steps that will help prepare you for the procedure and long-term weight-loss success:

1. Find a qualified and highly recommended surgeon for your procedure. It is preferable to have this procedure done by a surgeon who is specially trained to perform body contouring surgery. Patient reviews provide invaluable insights on a doctor’s philosophy, personality, expertise, and results, so make sure you check sites like HealthGrades.com, ZocDoc.com, and other physician review sites before scheduling your procedure.

2. Find a weight-loss camp best suited for you. There are plenty of weight-loss camps that boast aggressive, yet unproven claims, so asking the right questions will lead you to a successful and life-transformational experience. To help navigate through all the marketing fluff, we’ve created the Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Fitness Camp.

3. Join a support group to help you adjust after weight-loss surgery. You’ve worked so hard to get to this point, but life and old habits will unfortunately resurface. Many successful weight-loss surgery patients agree that support networks helped tremendously in maintaining their newly developed lifestyle changes.

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If you or a loved one is considering bariatric surgery, contact PFC Fitness to begin a safe and effective weight-loss transformation!

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