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Is Athletic Training Just For the Pros?

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You don’t have to be a world class athlete in order to train like one.  Some of the best workouts are centered on the concept called athletic training.  When I say athletic training I’m talking about speed training, agility training, functional training, explosive training, and core training.  Athletes train for a purpose, to improve their performance.  At Premier Fitness Camp we train our guests like athletes.  Our workouts cover all of these fitness components, which also tend to burn lots of calories.  These workouts can be fun, and also improve your performance as well.  We are all an athlete in one way or another, we all have activities that we like to do, even if it is playing around with the kids in the back yard.

Get Started With Your Athletic Training

Here’s how to get started with your athletic training.  Take a workout that you are already doing, and add a little spice to it.  For example let’s say you walk for 60 minutes every morning in your neighborhood.  In that walk you could add a one block run/sprint, start slowly and work up to running close to your max speed.  You could do this 5-10 times throughout your walk (speed training).  You could also add a side shuffle to your walk, side shuffle from one house to the next then face the other way and side shuffle to the next home, then continue your walk (agility training).  Do a long jump 3 times in a row, as far as you can jump with both feet, then jump again (explosive training).  Every 10 minutes you could drop down and do 30 mountain climbers, or hold a plank position for 60 seconds (core training).  On your walk you could balance on one leg every 15 minutes and hold that position for 45 seconds (functional training).  Now your walk has turned into an athletic training session.

A Few Other Suggestions

Going to a park and doing these activities with some cones is also a great way to get in a fun athletic training workout.  Find a grassy hill that you can power walk up or run up to challenge your heart and leg power.  Run some ladder drills, by running 10 yards then walking back, then go 20 yards walk back etc..  Athletic training will bring out some of those competitive juices.  Time your sprints, or track how many hill climbs you did.  This way you are able to see your progress, and try to beat your best efforts from the work out before.  Remember you are an athlete, challenge yourself; you will have good results with your fitness and by doing so.

Wayne Larsen’s bio:

Wayne holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Utah. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is a Certified Coach of the American Sports Education Program (ASEP). He is CPR, AED certified.

Through the years as a personal trainer, he has worked with hundreds of clients, each with different goals and levels of fitness. Wayne is passionate about helping others enjoy fitness to get the most out of life. He is living proof that a positive attitude empowers us to accomplish anything we desire.

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