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Intentions, Virtues, & Friends

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Cherie, Jackie, Tommi & Me

On Friday, we met with Cynthia, the life coach. She talked with us about what our intentions were coming here…. what brought us and what we want from our experience at PFC? We went around the room and shared with everyone. It made me think about it again and I have changed my mind. Originally, I just wanted to lose 20 pounds and run my half marathon in under 2 hours. I’ve had a lot of time to think during hikes or workouts. I’ve needed to dig deep in order to find the strength to finish some of the physical demands. I’ve come to the conclusion twenty pounds and running a half marathon is so final. I’d have to maintain, of course, and it’s great to have goals, but this program is so much more for me now. Cynthia did this exercise where she told Amber to pick up a pen. Then she told her to “try” to pick up a pen. Illustrating how using the word “try” just means you are giving yourself a way to cop out. You either do things or you don’t. She also gave us a list of virtues that are needed in order to “do” the things you want. We wrote down what we are doing to achieve our intentions and what virtues are needed to get there. This is a very effective exercise, in my opinion.

My new intentions to learn and go home with from PFC are:

  1. Eating with purpose and consciousness
  2. Working hard and strong in all I do
  3. Being a good friend to New friends and Old

I won’t list all the virtues, but some of my favorites were integrity, enthusiasm, dignity, respect, determination, thoughtfulness and excellence.


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