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How to Reach Your Big Goals With 5 Simple Ideas

Written By admin • 4 min read

Yesterday, I was sitting with a group of our clients after lunch, relaxing after a great workout-filled week.  As is normal here at Premier Fitness Camp, the camaraderie was high, the laugher abundant and the support unparalleled!  The group was a mixture of some leaving Premier and some who are continuing on in the program.  We were reliving funny moments, poking fun at each other, and giving each other kudos for a job well done.

As everyone chatted and shared their particular stories, I noted their different reasons for coming to our fitness boot camp.  Each person is very different from the others – ages, body weights and fitness levels span the spectrum.  But as much as they are all different folks with various needs, there is one thing that is clearly the same for all of them:  they are here to actively meet specific life goals.  They are here, taking the bull by its horns and making change happen.

Most of our clients’ goals are impressive and large – big goals that will most definitely change the course of their lives for the better.  Their personal goals inspire them but, at the same time, their goals sometimes become too overwhelming and they risk getting derailed!  I have had countless one-on-one conversations with our clients about various strategies to use to avoid getting overwhelmed.

A person starts looking at the end goal – the big picture – and freezes in her tracks.  A DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS!  When this happens, here are some things that might run through a person’s mind:

“How am I going to do all this?”

“How am I going to maintain this for the rest of my life?”

“I am afraid.”

“I can’t do this.”

“I’m not good enough, disciplined enough, and focused enough.”

“I am so far away from where I need to be.  This is impossible!  Forget it!”


And what good comes when these thoughts run rampant in one’s mind?  NONE!

Here are 5 simple ideas I share with clients to help them achieve their goals:

1. Do NOT look at the big picture if it freaks you out!  Take peaks at it once in a while but do not become obsessed.  Tuck the big picture to the side a bit.  Don’t throw it away…just don’t flash it in front of you on a daily basis.

2. Instead, make SMALL goals.  Break down your goals as small as you need them to make progress.   Ask yourself how far you can look out into the future and remain motivated.  A month?  A week?  A day?  An hour? A minute?  Don’t be surprised if on some days, you can’t focus on goals beyond what you are doing at that VERY moment.  A small goal example could be to walk 10 more minutes than the day before. Achieving just this small step can lead to increased motivation and desire, which ultimately will help you accomplish your main priorities.

3. Ask yourself, “If I was my own daughter or son, what would I say to encourage them right now?”  The most common answer clients have shared with me is that they would say, “I believe in you.  You CAN do this.  You DESERVE this.  You are amazing and wonderful.  I love you!  Take one step at a time!”  Now follow your own advice.

4. Celebrate small successes!!!  Pat yourself on the back for the good things you do for yourself and for the progress you are making, even if it’s small.  Maybe you did walk that extra 10 minutes.  Maybe you felt so good that you extended it an extra 15 minutes!  Yes!  You rock!!! Focus on what you CAN and DID do.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 each and every day.  Make it a daily routine like brushing your teeth.   Write down your goal(s) and successes, no matter how small or large they are.  Keep track of them.  Your list will grow and you will have evidence of your progress right there in front of you.

By no means do I think this process is simple (as in easy), but it IS basic!  You WILL reach your big goals one small step at a time!


Wendy Sallin, Certified Personal Trainer, Premier Fitness Camp

Wendy is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NASN Licensed Sports Nutritionist and RRCA Certified Running Coach.  She has worked in the fitness industry since 2003.  She has advanced education in various specialties such as functional training, corrective exercise, flexibility and cardiovascular performance testing.  She works with clients of all fitness and wellness levels, from individuals recovering from strokes and heart attacks to competitive athletes seeking higher levels of sports performance.  Wendy has found her home as a Fitness Trainer with Premier Fitness Camp and is inspired daily by the determination and tenacity of Premier’s clients!

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