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Highest Burn & My Snazzy Shoes

Written By admin • 1 min read

Here’s our mode of transportation – A super cool 15 passenger van!
Yesterday was my highest calorie burn of the camp so far…3986 calories – just a few short of the coveted 4000 calories. I should have done a few jumping jacks! It was an unbelievable butt kicking day though. During my 5th hour of exercise, instead of going to spinning, Tommi & I were sent out to run 4 miles. And after 4 hours of difficult working out plus running straight into a COLD headwind – it kicked my trash!
This morning I felt just plain beat. Usually I deliver my best during boot camp, instead – today I felt like lead legs. When we got back, our amazingly talented chef David & his new assistant, Jamie had put together a brown rice bread. Can you believe that? It had a yummy crust and tasted a little like cornbread. He also roasted garlic that we could spread on the bread and then I put on a tomato and WaaLaa, I had myself a delicious little morsel! My tastebuds have really gone through a change here. No sugar, no salt, no wheat and I appreciate the flavors of so many other things. I felt eons better for pilates after lunch.
Have I told you how much I love the hikes? We all got new shoes the first day. I had a brand new pair of running shoes when I came, so I chose hiking shoes. They had me try on a few pairs and the ones I picked just felt the best, even though I was a little self conscious of the conspicuous style. I love them now! They are lightweight & have awesome traction. I lace up my hiking shoes, put my ipod in my ears and I could truly hike forever (as long as I have plenty of water & a snack).


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