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Egg White Crepes

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I am not an egg fan so when Chef Dave made these crepes at camp, I was super excited to get my eggs in a non egg way:

4 egg Whites
4 Tbsp Oat Bran
1/3 cup Berries
2 Tbsp Sugar-free Syrup
Salt to taste
Put the Oat Bran in a food processor and pulse very fine. Combine the EGG WHITES, OAT BRAN and SALT in a bowl and whisk until smooth.
Pre-heat a small non-stick skillet on medium.
Process 1/2 of the BERRIES with the SYRUP into a puree. Combine the PUREE with rest of the BERRIES in a small sauce pan and heat to desired temperature.
The non-stick skillet should be hot. Spray PAM on the skillet, if it smokes wipe it with a paper towel and spray it again. Pour 1/4 cup of the EGG MIXTURE into the skillet and swirl it around, you want it to coat the bottom of the skillet. Wait for edges of the EGG to start to curl, then work around the crepe with silicon spatula and turn it. Count to 5 and move it to a hot plate. Cover with aluminum foil.
After all of the crepes are finished, it is time to assemble. Evenly divide the SYRUP and make a little fancy burrito. Leave a little to pour over the crepe.
Don’t get discouraged if the first one gets ruined. In fact, the first one usually goes in the garbage. You don’t want the crepe to brown at all. Crepes should be egg colored. Adjust the heat if they brown. After each crepe, wipe the pan with a paper towel and spray on more PAM.
From the kitchen of: David Ives (Premier Fitness Chef)

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