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Breathe & Relish My Food

Written By admin • 1 min read

This was one of our really yummy dinners!
I have realized I don’t breathe well or right in order to work as hard as I need to here. I keep getting reminded by every single trainer & instructor “Breathe, take a deep breath, let out your breath completely”. It makes a HUGE difference in everything and I can’t seem to manage it. You’d think that would be something that just comes naturally. But not for me it doesn’t! I’m really trying to keep concentrating on it. I’m hoping yoga & pilates will be my miracle cure from holding my breath until I achieve hyperventilation. No wonder there’s so many lyrics in songs about it and I’ve become hyper aware of all of them. However, once again my body has decided to take over my mind and I YAWN all day long. Yes, yawn! Me and Apollo Ohno are figuring out how to get some really good oxygen. JUST BREATHE……….
Slow down while eating your dinner. Taste every bite of your food. Put your fork down between bites. Enjoy your food. You’ve heard all the same advice I have and up until this point I’ve pretty much ignored it. I am just now seeing the brilliance of these words. Until the last 2 days, I’ve basically been wolfing down every meal and finishing too fast. Since there is such a limited amount of it, I am just plain sad when I finish. So I’ve slowed down and am tasting, really tasting my food. It is miraculous the difference!!!

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