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Best Day This Week By Far!

Written By admin • 1 min read

The Fit Troop: Clara, Amber, Lisa, Tommi, Jackie, Cherie, Wayne & Me

This morning started a little bit later & WooHoo…it was much warmer! I do not like being in the pool when it’s cold even if shivering supposedly increases your metabolism. We got in the pool and did aerobics again. Then we went on an amazing hike that took about 2.5 hours. The whole time climbing up the rocks & steep embankments I was chanting in my head “Think massage & just keep climbing, just keep climbing, just keep climbing”. We stopped just to take a photo op, eat 1 slice each of an orange (just enough to tick off our tastebuds) and then played a little in the snow we hiked through, since Tommi (who is from the South) was as excited as a toddler seeing snow for the first time. Wayne even got hit with a snowball! Being with a couple girls from the east coast is reminding me what a beautiful state we live in!

Then I got a massage and it was needed more than I’ve ever needed one. It worked out so much soreness!! My calves seem to be taking the biggest beating in my body. Then we went on a fieldtrip to go watch a rugby game and ate a grilled shish-kabob dinner outside. Our workouts were less time but so were our calories so that it all evens out in our burn for the day. I can’t wait for more hikes like the one we did today!

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