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How To Get An Amazing Full-Body Workout In Just 20 Minutes

Written By admin • 2 min read

I would like to share my favorite 20-minute workout and the benefits received from it.

Throughout my career, people have asked me over and over how to make their workout routine, effective, yet short.

Over time, trends have come and gone. I’ve seen one-minute workouts, five-minute workouts, 10-minute workouts and 15-minute workouts, not to mention all the different and trendy ab routines we see on late night infomercials.

My personal favorite and arguably the most effective total body workout of all can be done in just 20 minutes.

If your goal is to lose fat via a weight loss routing, the 20-minute workout described below must be combined with a 60-minute cardio workout the day before and after this routine to ensure maximum overall fat loss.  My favorite cardio for the day before the 20-minute workout day is rowing or the elliptical machine with a target heart rate between 75-80%. For the day after, I like either the Stairmaster or a slow trail run outside, again keeping the heart rate between 75-80%.

OK, are you ready for an amazing fat-burning workout in just 20 minutes? 1…2…3…Go!

1. First, warm up on the Rowing machine for 5 minutes, tabata style, which is a 2/1 ratio of varied intensities. For example, start by performing 20 seconds of moderate intensity, then 10 seconds of high intensity, alternating  in this fashion for 5 minutes.

2. Next, grab a foam roller and roll out your hamstrings for 1 minute, front and back.

3. Now you’re ready to really get going! Perform the following exercises in this order, repeating as many times as you can for 13 minutes total:

20 pushups

40 air squats

20 pull-ups

20 kettle bell swings

Once the 13 minutes have elapsed, again grab the roller and roll out your muscles for 1 minute as you cool down.

Please keep in mind for this workout to be fully effective, you must complete these exercises at the highest intensity level you can. You’re essentially taking a 60-minute workout and consolidating it down to 20 minutes. Therefore, the intensity must be very high for you to burn a significant number of calories for rapid fat loss.

This workout is designed to target your entire body: pushups will work your chest, triceps and back; air squats target your quadriceps and hamstrings; pull ups target your biceps, forearms, shoulders and back; and the kettle bell swings target your legs, lower back and shoulders.

Not to mention, you will experience an amazing cardiovascular burn that zaps a ton of calories, burns fat and keeps your metabolism on high long after the workout.  As you start to gasp for air, don’t quit or slow down. Instead, push even harder – that clock will wind down soon enough and you’ll have plenty of time to rest after that.

I have fun throwing this routine into my workout schedule at least once or twice a week. Mix it up and have fun!


Johnny Archer, Certified Personal Trainer, Premier Fitness Camp

Johnny was born and raised in London, England. He has studied martial arts for 30 years, 2 of which were spent in Japan. Johnny studied dance at the New York School of Ballet and has danced professionally for 35 years. Johnny is a member of the International Fitness Association, and holds a NASM certification. Additionally, Johnny is a Certified Spin Instructor, Gravity Instructor, Zumba Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor and is Kaiser certified.

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