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Dougie’s Workout Playlist

Written By Nicole Lash • 0 min read

You want to know what Dougie likes to listen to during her workouts? One of our favorite PFC Team members is sharing her motivating playlist this month–Check out her songs below and see how she likes to get down... Read More

Lemon & Herb Crusted Tri Tip

Written By admin • 0 min read

For all the meat lovers out there, this one’s for you! Try this Lemon & Herb Crusted Tri Tip recipe with a side of roasted veggies. It’s lower in calories and fat but includes various ingredients, making this a... Read More

PFC Thai Lettuce Wraps

Written By admin • 1 min read

A favorite among many PFC campers, the Thai Lettuce Wraps will have you hooked! These protein packed wraps are so flavorful and utilize many ingredients that will leave you feeling satisfied. The perfect recipe to try on a night... Read More

Life After PFC: TITLE Boxing with Kerri

Written By Kerri Cerundolo • 2 min read

We are so excited to start a new blog series with PFC alum, Kerri that we’re calling, Life After PFC! While Kerri had so much success at PFC, continuing her momentum at home (sans daily workouts designed or meals... Read More

6 things I’ve learned through my Weight Loss Journey at PFC Fitness Camp

Written By Joni Hargrave • 8 min read

We are so thrilled to share the journey of a special PFC camper, Donna. Coming from the fast-paced LA life as top executive by day and moonlighting as comedian by night, four years ago, Donna measured success by the... Read More

8 Hacks to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

Written By admin • 4 min read

Every weight loss plan is going to come across a plateau. It’s very natural for your body. What happens is, the minute you start losing weight, your body kicks in your appetite a little bit. It doesn’t really like... Read More

How to Stay in Shape This Semester: Tips for College Students

Written By admin • 7 min read

Tips for College Students College can be a tough time, especially on the body! The stress of studying, the parties every night, and the late night eating habits will definitely get you in trouble. However, if you have a... Read More

PFC Launches Robust Accountability Program- PFC RevUp!

Written By Joni Hargrave • 3 min read

We’ve got some BIG news to share today! We are so excited to announce our partnership with MD Revolution and the launch of our robust accountability platform for continued weight loss and over all health at home, called PFC... Read More

Jennifer's Journey – Hitting the Wall

Written By admin • 2 min read

This summer I quickly realized, that I spent my first two weeks at Premier Fitness Camp gearing up for the next three weeks! I knew I couldn’t neglect my family or home responsibilities for a month straight , so... Read More

Cardio Rope Exercise

Written By admin • 0 min read

Great cardio rope exercise. Watch this fun and effective training session with one of our Premier Fitness Camp trainers. Read More

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