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Life After PFC: TITLE Boxing with Kerri

Written By Kerri Cerundolo • 2 min read

We are so excited to start a new blog series with PFC alum, Kerri that we’re calling, Life After PFC! While Kerri had so much success at PFC, continuing her momentum at home (sans daily workouts designed or meals conveniently prepared by the PFC staff) was the real challenge. Now months post her PFC experience, Kerri continues to lose weight. Her trick?

Kerri incorporates a variety of workouts and exercise studios into her routine, along with meal prepping and healthy eating. We loved this fresh approach so much, we decided to have Kerri share her experiences post camp, giving you a glimpse into what life is like after PFC. Tune in every other month as Kerri road tests San Diego’s best fitness studios, shares nutrition tips and continues her journey to optimal health using all the tools she gained from her PFC experience!

Road Test: TITLE Boxing


PFC Fitness Camp was the change I needed in my life before my health was put at serious risk. The weight I had gained over the past couple of years before camp, coupled with my Type 1 Diabetes put me in a dire situation where time was running out. Camp was successful in many ways but most with what I gained. Energy. Strength. Fun. I knew one of the keys to my long term success was to keep that sense of fun. I had always found exercising to be a chore and could not wait for workouts to be over. At camp I found I loved working out with groups. I stayed motivated, determined, focused and to my surprise happy.

Over the course of several weeks during my time at PFC, I developed a passion for boxing. When I left camp I knew it was one of the first exercise goals I wanted to get on track with immediately. A brief google search led me to Title Boxing Club, which is a nation-wide boxing club known for the power hour which is a “high intensity total body fitness class” that incorporates a challenging warm up followed by 8 rounds of boxing with your own individual bag and 2 rounds of core work followed by stretch. The perfect fit for me after camp! I was so excited with my new-found strength and energy to be part of this boxing group where I could work on my technique and watch my progress grow— and I have! I am able to participate 5 – 6 times a week thanks to Title’s flexible schedule and I even got my husband to join me. We go more often together than individually where our schedule allows and it has been fun for us both.

Why I Like Title Boxing:
Title  offers both a full-body cardio and strength training in tandem. Throughout the entire class, my heart rate is up, sweat is dripping and I can feel my muscles toning. I also like that the class is broken up into short, full-out rounds. So you are giving your all for a short, manageable period of time. By the time you think you can’t give any more, you’re saved by the the 30-second rest bell!

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