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PFC Launches Robust Accountability Program- PFC RevUp!

Written By Joni Hargrave • 3 min read


We’ve got some BIG news to share today!

We are so excited to announce our partnership with MD Revolution and the launch of our robust accountability platform for continued weight loss and over all health at home, called PFC RevUp! Over the years, one request has been consistent from our clients—and that is to take PFC home with them to have in their back pocket for nutrition, fitness and overall health recommendations and  support. Our clients achieve amazing results through their experience at PFC Fitness Camp, and some are naturally intimidated when they go home without the daily support of their PFC coaches and fellow campers. With PFC RevUp, we are literally at our clients fingertips anytime, anywhere with personalized coaching to help each client continue to reach their health goals at home.

Utilizing wearable fitness trackers, food journaling and unlimited access to health coaches, PFC RevUp ensures the healthy habits and results achieved at PFC Fitness Camp endure when the pressures of life kick in and  clients are left to their own devices. We took the idiom to heart and literally send clients off equipped with health devices—a fitbit Flex, a Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor and PFC RevUp, the only digital health platform of its kind designed by San Diego’s top cardiologist and clinically proven to promote increased weight loss, improved cardiorespiratory performance and overall fitness. Our #1 goal at PFC is to ensure our clients are comfortable and confident in continuing their weight loss and fitness journey when they leave camp. And we do that by changing bad habits into good, sustainable habits that become part of their daily life when they go home. Now with PFC RevUp we are able provide one-on-one nutrition, fitness and health messaging to nurture those habits along with a platform and app where clients can visually track, measure and see their results continue to improve.

Putting Good Intentions Into Actions
Data from activity devices alone fails to drive long term success or inspire action according to recent research. PFC RevUp goes beyond presenting data (steps or calories), and drives sustained engagement by collecting health and behavioral data, then delivering real, measurable health improvements through  coaching. Clients can access PFC RevUp anytime, anywhere from a computer or mobile device to log meals, physical activity and enter other health metrics such as lab data, blood pressure, weight and glucose levels. Every client receives a care team of certified health experts who educate and provide personalized feedback via messaging on the individual’s health and fitness information.

PFC RevUp Points Measure Success
Although personalized coaching remains one of the biggest differentiators in the platform, the RevUp points system is an integral part of the program. Developed and validated in a clinical lab, RevUp points correlate to behaviors that will help our clients reach healthy outcomes. Points are received for activities such as meal logging, weigh-ins, logging blood pressure and tracking activity. Though the true reward is improved health and the prevention or reversal of chronic illness, we offer fun prizes such as Lululemon gift cards or massages at La Costa Resort & Spa to keep energy and fun competition alive when introducing clients to the platform at camp.

Positive Peer Pressure
Another proven factor in positive behavior change is healthy competition. Using social technology, PFC RevUp allows clients to add an additional element of accountability with fellow campers. The connections and bonds clients form while on their weight loss journey at PFC Fitness Camp travels far beyond the actual time spent at camp. Integrating social challenges allows clients to support, challenge and continue to get fit together even when they are miles apart.

PFC RevUp is only available at PFC Fitness Camp. We are so excited to elevate our client’s personal health to the next level with PFC RevUp by helping them adopt sustainable lifestyle changes that prevent or reverse chronic diseases like Type II diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart disease.

So what do you think? Are you ready to RevUp your health? Contact Us today to learn more!

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