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Full body workout pose inside hotel room


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You have been working so hard and are on top of your exercise routine. Don’t let that business trip or vacation set you back! Whether its business, holiday, or pleasure, you will, at some point or another, escape your humble abode and fitness activities.

Worried about what amenities will be available to you while traveling? Worry no more. It is possible to obtain a great full body workout in your hotel room. With just 2 lightweight pieces of equipment (which by the way, can easily fit into your carry on), you can create a well balanced workout.

1. TRX with door anchor
2. Super Sliders

The most difficult areas to train are your posterior or pulling muscles i.e. hamstrings, glutes, lats, etc. You can knock out some push-ups and squats to train your anterior or pushing muscles without using any equipment. But what about your pulling muscles? This is where the TRX and sliders come in handy. These are extremely useful for working these inconvenient areas out while traveling.

Sliders can be purchased on Amazon for just $10. One of the best bangs for your buck out there as far as training equipment is concerned. Although the price for a TRX is a bit steep at $200 a pop, they are one of my most useful pieces of equipment. Not only does it come in handy while traveling, but also I use it at home. This is such a great investment if you are a frequent traveler. Make sure you purchase the TRX with the door anchor. This is an important piece while traveling, as many hotel rooms won’t have a sturdy surface to anchor your TRX to. Don’t have $200 to shell out? You can easily fit some inexpensive resistance bands inside that carry on of yours. Rows and lat pull downs are easy to implement with resistance bands as long as you can wrap the band around some steady surface.

Fitting in a quick workout will help you maintain your strength and give you energy for your trip away from home. You will be happy you did so. Remember, it takes 2 weeks for every 1 week out of training to get back to where you originally were. Don’t get out of your rhythm. You are more likely to fit in a training session or two if you bring your own equipment.

Moral of the story, you have no excuse anymore. Instead of flipping on that television in your hotel room, anchor your TRX to the bathroom door, pull out those sliders and start sweating!

Demonstration of yoga poses downward dog and pigeon Demonstration of Slider Leg Curls exerciseDemonstration of proper push up techniqueDemonstration of TRX Roll Outs exercise at HotelDemonstration of TRX Rows exercise at Hotel 


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