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The Perfect Afternoon Slump Snack

Written By Jessica Janc • 0 min read

For those between-meal hours when hunger strikes incorporate this satisfying filler that will fuel you up with meaningful calories that will help stave off hunger until your next meal. The Greek yogurt provides great protein and berries give you lots of great antioxidants for your body. And if you wanted to add an extra crunch, granola doesn’t add too much of a nutritional value, but it gives the perfect crunch to top your parfait.

Greek yogurt: 100 calories, 0 fat, 7 carbs, 18 protein
Blueberries: 83 calories, .5 fat, 21 carbs, 1.1 protein
Total for meal: 183 calories, .5 fat, 28 carbs, 17.1 protein

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