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Finger Pricks, Canines & The Key To Longevity

Written By Joni Hargrave • 4 min read

The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
-Thomas Edison

Working alongside the world’s foremost nutritionist to 15 of the top PGA golfers, NBA favorites and Fortune 500 companies, Southern California’s premier fitness and weight loss retreat, PFC Fitness Camp announces their partnership with Randall R. Grant of Divine Nature Group, LLC to complete the program’s full wheel of wellness. PFC Fitness Camp continues to promote maximum health and wellbeing through their Omni La Costa Resort-based preventative fitness program—that is to prevent nutritional or weight related illness for their clients, rather than retroactively responding to them through healthcare treatments.

Hailed as the go-to nutritional Consultant to athletes and celebrities around the globe, Randall R. Grant can pretty much tell you everything there is to know about your diet and health by performing several nutritional tests and the slightest prick of the finger. He analyzes blood on a daily basis, which tells him if you are digesting the correct amount of proteins, fats, carbs or dairy, whether your cholesterol levels are correct, sugar intake too high, or have unwanted bacteria looming. Speaking of digestion, Grant’s rediscovery of what he calls, nature’s key source to life, longevity and proper digestion all lies in enzymes found in raw foods, and (thankfully!) his personally formulated line of natural supplements, made only from whole foods and plant-based ingredients which provide all of the needed enzymes to digest, absorb and metabolize our food.

The digestive expert joins PFC’s team of the nation’s top professionals in behavioral health, fitness and nutrition to offer PFC Fitness Camp clients the same A-list consulting given to his high profile athletes.  As part of the all-inclusive program, clients will have the option to receive a live blood analysis from PFC’s certified team during their stay along with recommended diet adjustments and supplement suggestions from Divine Nature’s product line based on client’s individual, digestive needs. “I am so pleased to work with Randy,” states PFC Fitness Camp Managing Director, Zach Cutler. “His expertise in digestion, educated supplementation and enzymes has helped professional athletes from the NBA and PGA reach their athletic potential. I am excited that our clients will have the same opportunity to reach their health and fitness potential as well.”

Now let’s digress for a moment to the fast-food featured in the picture above. You’re probably wondering what that burger circa 1999 and Randall R. Grant have in common. Well that is a perfect example of a highly processed, cooked food that has lost all of its enzymes long before it even reached the customer. The entire meal is essentially dead and undigestible. This burger has traveled the world with Randy as the perfect illustration of what our bodies take in and how difficult it is to break down a meal that after 15 years is still fully in tact.

A bit About Enzymes: Enzymes are naturally present in all raw foods and we need them to break down and digest what we eat. Modern diets include foods that are heavily processed or cooked over 118 degrees, which destroy those enzymes, leaving your pancreas the task to produce the enzymes necessary to digest your food. The dilemma with this process is, that over our lifespan, our production of enzymes decreases from overuse and the body can no longer provide digestive aid, which results in all too common chronic ailments. For example, milk, cheese and ice cream require the enzyme lactase to digest. Once your pancreas is out, you are now lactose intolerant. Or take sugar for example. The enzyme amylase breaks down sugars, starches and carbohydrates. When the pancreas runs dry of that enzyme, you are now diabetic for the rest of your life. The body needs constant supplementation of enzymes to function, so eating raw foods with cooked foods help spare your pancreas of its limited supply. Perhaps this is why dogs never deal with IBS or bloating! When you give a dog a bone, they immediately bury it, letting the enzymes in the dirt break down and soften the treat so our furry friend can eat and fully digest their bone.

While eating raw fruits and veggies is a great way to provide your body enzymes, Grant’s clean, chemical-free supplements along with PFC’s live blood analysis will help demystify our client’s digestive woes, greatly improving their nutritional absorption, metabolism of food and as a result, aid in their weight loss goals. Divine Nature products are now available online for purchase through our website.

Divine Nature enzymes supplement contains five strains of beneficial Probiotics or Flora (good bacteria), to aid in maintaining the mucosa lining in your digestive system. The supplement also contains very important herbs to help in digestion (Slippery Elm, Ginger, Ulmus, Rubra, Zingiber, Officinale, and Black Strap Molasses).

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