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Blackened Ahi with Roasted Vegetables

Written By Jessica Janc • 0 min read

Your anti-inflammatory, antioxidant dinner is served!
Power up dinner tonight with our low calorie, omega-3 rich Blackened Ahi with Roasted Vegetables.
The  presentation is beautiful, flavor, bursting, and health benefits? Let’s just say your body will thank you from the inside and out!

*Preparing Tip: After you unwrap your fish, rinse it under cool, running water, then pat dry before cooking.

4 ea chantrelle mushrooms

¼ cup ea yellow and green zuchinni

¼ ea red onion, sliced

¼ ea red bell pepper, sliced

1 ea garlic clove

¼ cup cauliflower florets

1 tsp grapeseed oil

2 TB chopped parsley

1 tsp grapeseed

3 oz ahi sushi grade

2 TB creole blackening spice

1 oz House white balsamic dressing

½ lime, quartered

In a medium non stick sauté pan over medium heat add oil. Once hot add vegetables and stir fry until vegetables until tender. Season with salt and pepper and herbs. Remove from heat and wipe out pan with paper towel. Add oil to pan and bring heat up, add ahi coated with creole seasoning. Sear no more than 30 seconds on each side. Remove from pan and rest for 2 minutes.

Slice ahi steak. Serve with vegetables, lime and side dressing.

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