Randy Grant

Randy Grant

Hailed as the world’s foremost nutritionist to Fortune 500 corporations, top business executives, celebrities, and professional athletes around the globe, Randy Grant is the digestive genius who has helped thousands of clients reach their athletic and health potential. Randy founded Divine Nature Group, LLC and is the sole formulator of the company's premium line of nutritional products. He is the co-creator of a Phase Contrast Microscopy Certification Program for doctors and health professionals that has helped revolutionize their practices over the past 20 years, and continues to train health professionals nationally and internationally on nutritional microscopy and nutritional supplementation. Randy is an internationally praised keynote presenter at trade expos, medical conventions, professional athletic organizations and holistic health seminars worldwide.

1 Supplement That Should Be in Your Daily Diet

Understanding the nature of enzymes often requires an understanding of nature itself. Enzymes are microbial catalysts which “represent the life element”1. Enzymes are the organisms which break all things down in nature also known as oxidation. For example, an apple browning upon being cut is a representation of the enzymes breaking the apple sugars down…

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What is a Live Blood Analysis Anyways?

Live blood analysis is an educational tool which provides a roadmap for how the body is functioning. This educational tool allows individuals to understand what they are or are not digesting. Through this educational process an individual can better understand- how their dietary habits affect their body; if their current supplementation is effective and what…

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A Natural Supplement That Will Change Your Digestive World!

Once upon a time humans hunted and grew their own food. They received all the nourishment the body needed to function properly in a simple, natural manner. How? The body was able to digest and absorb all of the nutritional benefits from the food they ate due to the fact that the food was raw,…

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