37 lbs. Lighter: Philip Jones Success Story

Thrilled to share this video testimonial from a PFC alum, Mr. Jones Dairy himself, Philip Jones! “For me being at PFC isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about learning about nutrition, learning about fitness and how your body functions, and at my age that’s really important. I can do things today that I never dreamt…

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Is It Head or Stomach Eating?

Imagine if pizza was just pizza, and not a stress reducer. 
Guess what? It’s not. It’s just pizza. Now, imagine if that ice cream, those cookies, the bag of potato chips and those burgers with fries were just, well, food, and not mood enhancers? 
Guess what? They’re not. They’re just food. The trouble is that…

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T.H.I.N.K. Your Way to Better Health

Ever wonder if “thinking on the bright side” really matters?  Well, it only matters if you want to lead a healthy, fit and happy life.  Otherwise, it’s an empty, but very nice, slogan. You see, positive thinkers, smilers, cope more effectively with stress. My experience tells me these healthy thinkers prevent stress from developing in…

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The Link is What You Think

Indisputable, evidence-based health science makes it clear that health, happiness, wellbeing and fitness start with what we tell ourselves, perceive and think about people, places, things, events and situations. We are in complete control of our minds and our thoughts about outside events, not events. The mind is the root of all healthy healing and…

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