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Why a Stability Ball Should Be a Part of Your Training

Written By admin • 3 min read

A Stability Ball, when it comes to fitness, should be a part of everyone’s training regimen. Stability Balls are one of the best ways to target muscles that 90% of the time gets overlooked when exercising. They can be particularly convenient when you are short on time and aren’t able to make it to the gym. A stability ball provides wide variety of exercises that help with balance and core strength that can all be done in the comfort of your own home!

Stability muscles are very important. In order for you to improve your fitness level, there are few specific areas that get overlooked: flexibility, posture, balance and stability. Most of the time when people think of fitness, it is limited to nutrition, cardio and resistance training. When you put all of these together, it amounts to a better rounded physique. If you have poor balance and your muscles are weak in certain areas, you are more prone to injury and set back because those muscles aren’t developed to their potential.

Your Fitness Recipe

Think of fitness as a recipe. In cooking, when you have a good recipe, you need to include all the ingredients in order for your meal to come out right and taste well. When was the last time you made your favorite recipe? Did you leave any ingredients out? Most likely you didn’t. The same applies in the fitness world. You need to include all aspects or “ingredients”. Nutrition, Cardio, Strength and Resistance training are key ingredients, but so are flexibility, balance, stability, as well as proper form and posture. They are all key aspects of training.

Also, just like in cooking, there is not one aspect in fitness that is more important than the other. All ingredients are needed to make that end result your best. So, think of your fitness training as a really good recipe to a healthier lifestyle and body. A stability ball is a great tool to achieve that.

Incorporate a Stability Ball Into Your Workouts

A Stability Ball is a very inexpensive tool that I advise my clients to invest in and keep readily available in their home. You can pick one up at your local sports store or order one online for a very reasonable price ranging from $12-$30.

Stability Balls are unique because they challenge your body. Who doesn’t love a good challenge??!! It forces you to activate your stability muscle fibers as well as core muscles that you can’t get from a stable surface. In turn, your body is forced to adapt to that stress and has no other choice than to strengthen. Strength is what we are looking for in regards to our core and all around fitness level. Balance and stability are important in development, especially as we go into older age. It’s what gives us our “cat like reflexes”.

There are numerous resources for you to be creative in exercising with a stability ball. The Internet is a great source along with books and magazines that give specific workouts you can use. I use stability balls frequently in my training and rehabilitation of clients as well as myself.  Mix up your routine and start adding a stability ball to your regimen.

Brad McRae’s Bio:

Brad is an ISSA Elite Certified Fitness Trainer, CPR-AED certified and former EMT2 certified. He specializes in nutrition, custom program design, physical therapy, balance and stability, including sport specific training and strength and conditioning. He studied Kinesiology and Biology through college giving him knowledge of muscle function, movement, and range of motion. Born and raised in Utah, Brad is an active athlete competing in Mixed Martial Arts and enjoys sports and the outdoors. He is known for his positive attitude, upbeat demeanor, and ability to get along and motivate the people around him. He believes in not only building physical health, but strengthening and developing mental health as well. His passion for fitness is what drives him to give it 100%. He LOVES his career and cares for the people and clients he works with.

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