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War On Fat

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War on Fat – Battle Plan
How much time are you willing to dedicate?

Let’s start out our war on fat with a goal that is simple and obtainable for everyone. We are going to dedicate three hours a week to exercise. We can break this up into 3 one hour sessions or 6 half hour sessions. For the ease of breaking this down let’s break it down into 3 one hour sessions. Within these 3 one hour sessions I would dedicate 30 minutes to strength training and 30 minutes to cardio. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot get a good workout in without weights or a gym.

Strength training to speed up metabolism
Upper Body

Pull Ups – Regular Grip

I want you to grip the pull up bar just outside your shoulder width. The correct movement starts just prior to a dead hang while leading with your chin drive upward utilizing your shoulders, shoulder blades and back muscles. The movement is not complete until your chin is at the same height as the bar. Not everyone can perform pull ups the first time so place a bench underneath with a slight bend in your legs. If you have trouble using your legs too much for assistance then try crossing your feet and driving off of one leg.


Dips are a great exercise to toning up the back of your arms, chest but need to be performed correctly. Do not break the 90 degree plain on your decent and finish the movement with a completely straight arm to maximize the movement. Dips can be performed on chairs, bench or parallel bars. The latter is preferred for maximum results. If you are going to utilize a parallel bar or dip bar then I want you to place a bench underneath your feet for assistance during the exercise. Cross the ankles and bend the knees through the exercise while using just the thigh muscles to assist in the upward movement.


Push-ups will be broken up into three variations – Regular, Dive Bomber, Diamond. The position for regular is best figured out by laying on your chest first. Place the hands wide enough so that when you are in the down position that your hands are directly underneath your elbows and straight out to the side of your shoulders not behind. I want a fluid movement throughout the entire exercise. Do not drop fast on the way down because your shoulder does not need the extra stress. If you are new to push-ups then drop to your knees. Either way, whether you are on your knees or off I should be able to tie a stick around your knees then stomach and chest and have a straight line.

Too many people stick their rear-ends up in the air and just move their chest and heads. Dive Bombers will have the same stance for the hands as push-ups but your rear-end will be in a reversed V and wide stance with your feet. With your butt in the air dive bomber down and pretend to slide your chest/upper body underneath the fence and pop your head on the other side. Now reverse the motion and finish it off with the simulated military press.

Diamonds will be started by making a diamond with your hands on the ground. Where everyone makes mistakes with this is body positioning. When you are in the down position you will need to hit the sternum with your hands not the upper chest. For better balance it helps to keep a wide stance with your feet and maintain a straight back the entire time.

Next week on the war on fat series we attack lower body and abs! Now drop and give me 50!
Pull Ups – 2-4-6-8-6-4-2
Push Ups – 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2
Diamonds 2-4-6-4-2
Dive Bombers 2-4-6-4-2

All these repetitions can be performed in the assisted position but always push yourself to not use it!

Mark DeLisle Bio:

Mark entered the US Navy in 1990 and shortly after became one of our nation’s elite US Navy SEALs. Mark was assigned to SEAL Team 3 in Coronado, CA. During Mark’s tenure as a Navy SEAL he began to gain a wealth of knowledge about the physical fitness, mental strength and emotional perseverance. Mark is also a bestselling author of, “Navy SEAL Workout followed by Navy SEAL Breakthrough To Master Level Fitness, Special Ops Fitness – High Intensity Workouts of the Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Force Recon, Army Rangers and Pararescue, Navy SEAL Workout, System 1 (DVD). Mark’s workouts have been featured on CNN, Extra, Crook & Chase, Muscle & Fitness, Outside Magazine, numerous other magazines and newspapers. Mark also served as the Director of Corporate Relations with ACE American Council of Exercise.

Mark’s fitness systems have been used by Presidents of the United States, professional athletes, and Hollywood actors to professionals in the fitness industry. The past eight years he has specialized in sports training and personal training. Mark has a passion for fitness and it shows in how he interacts with our clients.

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