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The Value Of A Good Coach And Why You Need One

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Premier Fitness Camp Follow Up CoachingMany people are uncertain about the need for a coach. Whether they think they can perform on their own just fine, don’t have the time to stay committed to someone else, or feel uncomfortable with the pressure of accountability, often times, the thought of getting a coach seems unnecessary.

However, everyone can benefit from a good coach. Even elite athletes such as Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter and others have personal coaches to help them refine their talents and improve their performance.  A coach offers a different perspective, experience, accountability and most of all, positive reinforcement.

At Premier Fitness Camp, we encourage all of our guests to take advantage of a personal coach to help them stay on track and accomplish their goals.

To help you see the value of a good coach, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we hear on the topic from our clients.

Why Would I Want A Coach?

You have taken a stance that you want to change your life.  If you were not looking for a life change you most likely would not have invested all this time and money in coming to PFC.  You have made friends that you will keep close for years because they are fighting the same battle as you.  You have had positive results, you are all fired up and ready to go home and keep up the race.  Then it hits you!  You have been in an artificial environment that has allowed you to focus just on you; the rest of your life has been on hold.  When you get home the same situations, temptations and challenges will be waiting.  That’s when the fear sets in.  This is the time to be seriously thinking about enrolling in the Premier Fitness Coaching Program.

What Is The Coaching Program?

The coaching program is unique to each individual.  It starts with a Winslow Report that gives us a dynamic personality profile on you.  We focus on those traits that are holding you back from achieving your fitness goals.  Through exercises and assignments we help you modify negative behavior and to excel in personal growth.  It’s not our assets that make us successful; it’s our liabilities that hold us back.

We keep you accountable.  With weekly coaching sessions we have a pulse on how you are doing.  By staying close we know your successes and celebrate them with you.  We also know when you are struggling and we are your lifeline to get back on track.

Your coach will work with you to create obtainable, measureable and realistic goals.

The coaching program is very strong on education.  We have many lessons on Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Exercise.

Your coach provides motivation and support.  When life gets overwhelming we help you see the bigger picture.

Your coach will be organized in planning a valuable fitness and eating program. They will provide clear direction and realistic feedback.

Your coach will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be!

When Should I Get A Coach?

If it’s possible to start the coaching program before you get to camp you would be that much ahead of the game.  They can help to ensure that you have a healthy environment to return home to.  They can get you started on eating healthy, clean food.  They can get you exercising so your body is conditioned and you won’t get so sore at camp, but you want them when you get home as well. Having a coach when you go home means that you never miss a beat.  It means that you have someone from PFC in your corner right when you leave campus.  Your coach will save you time, keep you from spinning your wheels, and you will hit the ground running!  They will keep you accountable, motivated, focused, informed, and will help you gain the knowledge that you need to achieve your fitness goals.

How Do I Get A Premier Fitness Coach?

Call the Support Line and we will go over the different Coaching Packages with you.  Embracing the value of coaching is a key to your success.  Continue the Journey!!

Support Line: 800-331-1560


Premier Fitness Camp Trainer Pam Nelson, Certified Personal Trainer, Premier Fitness Camp

Pam has been an A.C.E certified (American Council of Exercise) personal trainer for the general population since 1995. She is also a group instructor , and certified in teaching the “Mature Population”, people over 50. Her clients have varied far and wide. She has had people with Parkinsons, amputees, athletes, and people struggling with sever weight issues. She has taught “Park City Boot Camp” for 5 years. She is a native of Utah, went to the University of Utah and has lived in Park City for 25 years. She enjoys an active lifestyle of hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, anything that Utah has to offer. She has found a perfect fit working for Premier Fitness Camp and calls it her “Dream Job”, she is a trainer, group instructor, and a member of the coaching team.

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