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Let’s Make a Splash with Water Aerobics

Written By PFC Fitness Camp • 3 min read

I know what you are thinking.

You want me to get into what? A bathing suit! Are you crazy?!

No, and actually I think that you are going to like today’s activities. Water aerobics are a lot of fun, relatively easy to do regardless of body shape or size, and best of all, a great cardio workout!

So ease into that that bathing suit sitting in the bottom of your drawer and dip your toe in the water. We are splashing into water aerobics today. Get ready for some fun and fitness!


Water aerobics, also known as aqua aerobics or aqua fit classes, are a great way to get in a super cardiovascular workout. Classes can be held in either shallow water or in deep water with a flotation belt. Generally you don’t need any equipment other than a bathing suit, but some classes might involve pool noodles or special weights to extend your workout. In fact, you don’t even have to know how to swim, although you might want to advise your instructor of your capabilities beforehand, if that is the case.

Water aerobics classes usually range from 45-60 minutes and while fun, really are a great workout burning up to 700 calories per class. They are similar to other aerobic exercises, as they include a warm up, cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and endurance, stretching and a cool-down period. They are generally lead by an instructor on the side of the pool, and music might even be played to get you into the splash of things. Adding water to the equation makes a whole different workout though, as buoyancy and drag become factors. More on that in a moment.


So now you are in and splashing, and want to know why you signed up for this new exercise regime. Well, the benefits of water aerobics are multi-faceted. When you get into a pool, the water acts to keep you buoyant, therefore reducing stress to your muscles and joints when you are moving about. This minimizes the chance of strain or injury while you are in the pool. Regardless of shape or size, the water makes you approximately 90% more buoyant, therefore you no longer have to carry your weight during your water aerobics exercises. This makes it ideal for pregnant women, overweight people, those with physical injuries or recovering from surgery, people who suffer from arthritis, as well as senior citizens. There is no pain, but lots of gain!

As well, the water provides resistance, giving you a more intensive workout while still being low-impact. That drag makes you work harder, which helps you to reduce weight, lower blood pressure, decrease stress, and lower blood sugar levels, amongst other things. While it certainly makes you sweat, because you are in the water, you do not even notice it though. You can walk, jog, do jumping jacks and more, while still feeling cool in the water. Plus, who doesn’t like splashing in the water!

As always, make sure you advise your doctor before starting any new exercise regime. Even though you are in the water, drink plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated. You might be having a blast with your water exercises, but you still want to be safe. Water aerobics are one of the best workouts around for people both new to exercise to the fittest bodies out there. So pull on that bathing cap and jump into a water aerobics class today!






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