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I Live With a Low Level Of Hunger & It’s Okay, Really!

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PFC brought in Bonnie Matthews. She’s a woman who lost 130 pounds on her own. It took her about 2 years. The Dr. Oz show brought her on & she writes a blog as well as helping others in their weight loss efforts. She worked out and hung out with us talking to each of us together and separately giving us advice and encouragement. The biggest thing that interested me was her recipes and making healthy food tasty. As a Trader Joe’s employee, she has access to all kinds of different grains and seasonings and figures out tasty recipes – high in fiber, low sugar and fat! The 3 cardinal rules of eating.

So what are we eating? Truly everything has been excellent! Our menu is between 1400 and 1500 calories per day and I eat every last morsel of food. I can honestly feel when I have used up my previous meal during a workout and spend most the day with a low level of hunger. I am unbelievably hungry but surprisingly not uncomfortably hungry every time we sit down to a meal
Menu for today:
cottage cheese with mandarin oranges & pineapple
scrambled egg with veggies & half piece of whole wheat dry toast
grapefruit & yogurt
Taco salad with ground turkey, tomatoes 10 baked chips & a Tbls of fat free sour cream
fat free yogurt, blueberries & cottage cheese
Lean steak, cauliflower & green salad with balsamic vinegar
I’m not going to sugar coat it – (esp since sugar is the anti-Christ) right now I am very hungry! BUT I am never ever weak while working out and I don’t crave anything – not even Chai! I am drinking an herbal version with Truvia in the morning and it’s working for me. Even my friend Cherie seems to really be handling the lack of sugar amazingly well. She was the biggest sweettooth I know before we came and doesn’t seem to suffering any withdrawal. It’s incredible!
Tomorrow I promise photos of me & my fellow members who don’t mind getting their photo taken and more about just how tough the workouts are! Tonight Chris took us to a stadium and we ran stairs up and down 80 times! Plus laps back and forth around the football field. I kept up with the 2 twenty years olds and it was a major accomplishment for me.

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