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I Hate This Ball!

Written By admin • 1 min read

You have to know I really am making a point when I am fully aware of what an awful photo this is! BTW I hate having my photo taken!
I am all about symbolism – well kind of – I’m not freaky or anything but I think most things happen for a reason and sometimes the most mundane thing means something to me. Here is a stupid ball that weighs 20 lbs. We do some sort of exercise that involves this hateful creature at least once a day. Sometimes we are able to pass it off to each other and sometimes we put it over our head and run down a basketball court with it. If it’s possible to have a favorite activity with your arch nemesis, then mine is throwing it down as hard as I can. It’s hard for me to not picture it full of fat when 20 lbs is exactly how much fat I want gone off my body. It’s heavier than I expect every stupid day. I asked Wayne if he’d let me kill it with a sledge hammer when we are done but he’s feeling pretty protective of it so I might have to find out where to get one or at least the cheapest possible replica to mutilate when I am done with this process.

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