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Written By Megan Heaton • 3 min read

The key to exercise is movement and there are plenty of ways to get it done! So what moves you? You may need to get out there and try some different things. Have an open mind and have fun with it!

Love a Challenge?

Pump up the volume! If you love lifting weights consider signing up for a fitness competition. They are available for different age groups and levels of intensity. Do some research, get a coach, or be your own boss! Got runners high and looking for more? How about a marathon (or half if you need to work your way up). Into biking or like to mix it up? A mini triathlon may be right up your alley! Set a big goal for yourself, whether it’s a marathon, triathlon, or challenging hike. Then break down that goal into smaller, more realistic fitness goals.

Looking for a good time?

Dancing is one of the most popular group activities. And what better way to get your dance on than in a Zumba class?!! This workout coined “exercise in disguise” will get you moving and burning calories to Latin dance rhythms. Other choices include country line dancing, swing, salsa, hip hop, or ballroom dancing. If you have two left feet, no worries! Leave your inhibitions at the door and have a

Love the great outdoors?

Exercise can take place anywhere. Perform an exercise routine outdoors at a park! Enjoy a nice walk or jog. Not enough intensity? Perform some sprint drills on a grassy knoll or a basketball court. Follow it up with some exercises using your own body weight. Ideas include pushups, squats, squat jumps, crunches, and planks.

Just getting started

Consider hiring a certified professional that can tailor a workout to your individual needs and situations. If you can’t afford private sessions, consider teaming up with a friend or two — or taking a group exercise class conducted by a trainer. Take it slow and look for activities that will give you a more active lifestyle. Even games like Wii Fit are a good way to take someone who’s a couch potato and give them a little exercise. Look for simple opportunities to move during your daily routine. “Wear a pedometer and make it a goal to take more and more steps each day. Start with a short walk then gradually increase your time every week. People who are seriously out of shape should get approval from their doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Short on time?

If work consumes most of your time, make work a workout! Do dips on your chair. Drop down and do some pushups off the edge of your desk. Get some resistance bands and do bicep curls and triceps extensions. Sit on a fitness ball at your desk. Take a quick break and hit the stairs.Stopping at the store to pick up dinner? Park as far from the door as you can and walk briskly. Gather up your goods and head back to the car…no cart! If you can get to the gym, do a circuit training routine by moving from machine to machine without rest. The key is to keep moving and keep your heart rate as high as possible. If you prefer free weights, just double up on your moves, adding short bursts of cardio.

Limited resources?

You don’t need a gym membership to exercise. Create your own home gym! It isn’t expensive and you only need a few things. Hit the internet and get some great ideas. Resistance bands, exercise DVD’s, free weights, a fitness ball, a yoga mat and more are all great resources that are inexpensive and offer an endless variety of workouts to suit your mood. And don’t forget local recreation centers, which offer a variety of inexpensive activities options, usually at a fraction of the price of private clubs.


Dejinera Lee, Certified Personal Trainer, Premier Fitness Camp

Dejinira has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 1996. She holds nationally recognized certifications from UCLA, Tufts University School of Nutrition, the Arthritis Foundation, YMCA, and the American Council on Exercise. She is also CPR and AED certified.  Dejinira’s own quest for a healthier lifestyle began in the 90’s and she soon discovered a passion to help others. Her approach to health, wellness and life is finding balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit. Her motto is, “Have fun getting fit and never underestimate your own strength!” Some of her favorite formats to teach include Core Strength, Aqua, Gravity and Zumba.

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