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Don’t Take Your Life and What You Can Do for Granted!

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The people we work with at Premier are so awesome!!!! I watch them break down barriers every week and they still constantly surprise me.

I have been working with a gentleman that was weighing in at 411 lbs. and he is 5’8”. His room is 10 doors down from the concierge’s desk. The day we checked him into the hotel he had to rest 2 times getting to his room (and the bell man brought his luggage to his room for him).

I was so worried that I called one of my bosses and asked him if I should take his dinner to his room, I seriously didn’t think he could walk to the restaurant. I was told “No, this is what we do here. We can’t baby these people they have to work to get better.”

I later saw the gentleman working his way to the restaurant. He had given himself a 40 min. head start. I checked on him before I left, he had made it and seemed to be enjoying the company of others at dinner.

The next day I was assigned to be one of 3 trainers giving him private sessions. He was too unhealthy to do any of the group activities. I started asking him every day if he was able to make it to the lobby yet without resting. He was still struggling but it was getting a little better.

Between the 3 of us trainers giving him a variety of different exercises (weight room, swimming pool, walking exercises). I began to see big improvements, but I just hated that he still had to rest getting to the lobby. So I told him that I wanted to make a bet with him. He laughed and said “What on earth could you possible bet me I have enough money to buy this whole hotel?”

I said if you can’t walk to the lobby without resting by this Friday then I get your “Ruth Chris Steak “ that they will be serving for dinner! He gave me a totally shocked expression and didn’t say anything. I heard later that at lunch he kept telling everyone “I don’t know who she thinks she is but she’s NOT getting my steak!”

When I got to work Friday morning he had 3 witness waiting to tell me that he not only walked to the lobby without resting but he did it 3 times! His walking is improving every day and now he only has to give himself a 5 min. head start going to dinner. He has been here 3 weeks so far and has only lost 27 lbs, but his mobility improvement is amazing!

We have been making him do an exercise where he sits on a bench and stands up several times without using his arms to help push himself up. He can do up to 15 in a row. I just found out yesterday that before he came here he had to use canes to get in and out of a sitting position. So it is amazing how far he has come already?

When he first came here I asked him what made him decide to come to Premier? He said the his youngest son just graduated from high school and was going away to college, and for his graduation gift he wanted to play a round of golf with his dad. I’m so proud that we are making that dream come true!

~Pam, Premier Fitness Trainer

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