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50 Lbs. Lighter – Roderick McClean Success Story

Written By Joni Hargrave • 1 min read

Excited to share the weight loss success story of one of our favorite Canadians, Roderick (Rod) McClean! We have had the pleasure of working with Rod on two separate occasions at PFC Fitness Camp, with his most recent visit accompanied by his lovely wife, Beverly. Quite the dynamic duo and breath of positive fresh air at camp that we will most certainly miss.
From significant weight loss to lean muscle gain, we consider Rod a PFC Biggest Winner! 

“The program works. more importantly than being just a diet or getting a little bit fit, it’s a holistic program that adds endurance, cardio, weight loss, and learning about nutrition. PFC affords you the opportunity and ability to make a behavioral change and develop a new lifestyle, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

I spent three months last year and did so well, I lost about 60 lbs.about 48 lbs. of fat loss and 13 lb. gain of lean muscle mass. I was so impressed with the program and myself for that matter, i wanted to repeat the performance and we’ve both (My wife and I) done that. I’m pleased with the care and attention you get at PFC and the level of customization they are able to give in the program. Most importantly, however the ability to develop a new, positive behavior which I was able to do. I now have a different attitude towards health, towards diet, nutrition, and exercise. Thank you PFC!”

-Rod McClean


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