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5 Mistakes Made When Choosing Workout Shoes

Written By Road Runner Sports • 2 min read

Many people feel lost and stress about shoe shopping whether they’re looking for running or walking shoes. In fact, some people put it off far longer than they should leaving their shoes with nearly any cushion or support left. It’s not always easy finding the right shoe with so many choices out there. As an experienced runner that works at a speciality running and walking store, I talk to people all day long that are unsure of what to look for and how to know when you have found the right shoe.

To make it easier on yourself, go to a running speciality store where they can share their knowledge of each shoe rather than a big-box sports store unless you know they have an experienced and knowledgeable shoe specialist. You want to get help from other runners that know how the shoes feel and what you want to look for in an athletic shoe specific to your foot anatomy and workout type.

To ensure you don’t  head in the wrong direction on your hunt for the perfect shoe, here are 5 common mistakes to avoid which will help  you better understand how to shop for the right shoe that will help you reach your fitness goals without hurting your body, or most importantly, your feet!

1. Choosing shoes based on how they look
Many people look at the style and colors of a shoe instead of the functionality. If you start to feel uncomfortable after a couple of hours in your shoes, you will begin to wish you went for functionality instead of fashion.

2. Being afraid of going up in size to find a proper fit
We recommend that you go up anywhere from a 1/2 size to a full size depending on the brand. As you exercise your feet and toes swell, which causes you to need more room in the toe box.

3. Looking for the best bargain, instead of a quality
Many customers I’ve worked with go to discount shoe stores to find the deal rather than a dependable shoe. Yes, you can find some gems at discount stores, but shuffling through the endless aisles often becomes overwhelming and lead to impulse purchases without truly testing out the shoe.

4. Purchasing a shoe without trying them on
You wont know how a shoe will feel until you demo them and walk around in them. We allow all of our customers to walk or run in their shoes around the store before they leave with a pair.

5. Limiting your fitting to just one pair of shoes
Take time to try on multiple brands and models of shoes. You will find proper workout shoes at specialty stores such as ours (Road Runner Sports) where the staff can spend time with you to find the right support of shoes you need. At Road Runner Sports we have a foot free analysis that helps us find your best fit ever whether you’re looking for running or walking shoes.

-Road Runner Sport Shoe Expert: Paolina Bartolucci

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