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27 lbs Lost in One Week

Written By admin • 1 min read

This morning we rose before dawn to climb on that dreaded scale again. I’m first in line and so I have to get up the earliest. Here’s my stats:

3 lbs lost
1 lb muscle gained
2% body fat lost (32% to 30%) I’m shooting for 25%
BMI is now 23 (I’m considered healthy now just from that drop)
I’m pretty happy considering I’m still pretty sore and I can tell I’m swollen because my rings are tight. Next week should be awesome. The biggest loss in our group was 7 lbs! Go Tommi!
And collectively we lost 27 lbs and 13% body fat!
As I was pondering these totals and then trying to figure out just how many hours of working out we’ve done in a week it became mind blowing. I keep looking at my calories burned and comparing them to everyone else’s calorie’s burned. I admit it – I have calorie burning envy! Cherie can get up to burning 17 per minute and Amber is just a constant furnace. But in my Zen moments that I think all of us have to experience to figure out what it is we are doing here – I realize each of us are going to get out of it what we put it to it. I know I’m putting my best into it and I think it’s unbelievably COOL how hard we all work. They deserve their results!! I go to sleep tonight as tired as possible but with a smile on my face AND extremely proud of our little group. WE ROCK!

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