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Better Together – 3 Powerful Combos that REALLY do the body good

Written By Joni Hargrave • 0 min read


We all know that fruits, vegetables, dark chocolates, legumes and protein have their benefits individually, but did you know that when paired with specific foods, those benefits get even better?

The list is endless, but here are 3 powerful combinations that will REALLY do the body good.

Oatmeal + Strawberries  Eating vitamin C rich strawberries while enjoying a bowl of non processed oatmeal cleanses your arteries and prevents heart attacks with two times as much effectiveness than if you were to ingest either breakfast staple alone. The organic compounds in both foods stabilize LDL “bad” cholesterol when consumed together.

Apples + Chocolate  Red apples are known to be high in anti-inflammatory flavonoids called quercetin. Chocolate contain the flavonoid catechin which acts as an antioxidant that reduces the risk for cancer and atherosclerosis. When paired together, these two powerhouses loosen clumpy blood platelets to improve cardiovascular health and provide anticoagulant activity.

Kale + Lemon  Vitamin C help make plant based iron more absorbable. When Lemon mixes with kale, the vitamin C actually converts much of the plant-based iron into a form that is similar to what is found in fish and red meats.

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