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Portion Control

Written By Samantha Crosland • 2 min read

Portion control is an important aspect of healthy eating, and eating smaller portions is a key step for managing a healthy weight and lifestyle. Portion control at restaurants… well… there is none! You receive giant plates piled high with... Read More

Dairy-Free Milks Debunked

Written By Jessica Janc • 2 min read

Have you tried dairy-free milk? Whether it’s because of the low calories, diet restrictions or personal flavor preferences, this dairy-free fad has grabbed the attention of many-a-health-centric folks in recent years. If this is news to you, keep reading... Read More
Vegetables surrounding text "how to eat like a PFC nutritionist"

How to Eat Like a PFC Nutritionist

Written By Joni Hargrave • 2 min read

Ever wonder what a nutritionist eats on a daily basis? Here, we’ve documented a day in the life of PFC Fitness Camp’s Nutrition Directer, Jessica Janc so you can see how she maintains a healthy diet throughout her busy... Read More

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