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The Pasta Alternate: Spaghetti Squash

I have visions of my Mother trying to convince me that the plate of strings in front of me tastes great and that I should just try it and see. It seems to me that my six-year old self was not convinced.  Times have changed though. My view of what is edible and what is not has…

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Drink Green Tea to Help Burn Calories

Whew, that was quite the workout! How about stopping to grab something to drink? Sure, what were you thinking? Beer, wine, smoothies? Nope, how about a nice cup of healthy green tea! Green tea? Sure, but why green tea? WHY GREEN TEA? Tea is a staple in many parts of the world, be it Britain’s…

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Time To Hit the Hay and Sleep for Weight Loss

Zzzzzz… Hey, wake up! Hunh? why? Because I want to talk to you about a great way to help you lose weight! Oh yeah, what’s that? Through sleeping! groan… Wake me up when you have another brilliant idea from cloud nine. IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP For those of you trying to jam in one more workout,…

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Shake Your Booty With Wii Dance

Are you ready to have some fun today? Can I get an “OH, YEAH!” Let’s turn it up. That’s right, we are going to be hip, while we hop and bop all over the place with you today. So limber up those joints, stretch out those hamstrings, and sashay into your living room to turn…

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The Sweet Alternative – Stevia

“Steve who?” “Not who, but what – Stevia. It is an all-natural, herb that is cropping up all over the place. Originally cultivated in South America, this sweet-leafed herb is the newest craze in dietary supplements. Stevia is authorized to be sold as a dietary supplement and food additive in the form of rebaudioside A. You can…

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Headed Up in the World with Stair Climbing Exercises!

You are going to like today’s exercise. No, really! It is low-impact, requires no training and no special equipment. What do we have up our sleeves, you wonder? Nothing, it is all in the shoes! So tie up the laces on your runners and follow us. We are going stair climbing today! Head to the…

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Coconut Milk – The Cream of the Crop

If you look at what’s trending right now in health circles, you will probably come across the milk of this sturdy, brown, hairy fruit -the Coconut. Yes, in today’s world, coconut milk is the cream of the crop, as far as health benefits are concerned. People in the tropics have known this for years, but…

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The Taste is All in the Name: Sweet Potato

Oh sweet heaven, how can something so delicious also be so good for you? You might not have guessed it, but today’s tasty treat for you is the sweet goodness of sweet potatoes! ALL ABOUT THE SWEET POTATO The orange-fleshed tuber that hails from South America, and is sometimes referred to as a yam, is indeed not…

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Time To Walk the Plank and Firm up those Abs!

You might not want to admit it, but you are getting soft. You have been presented with life and it has come handed to you with decadent food and drinks. Sometimes the lure of fast living and fast food has to be stopped though. Look down and see the results of it; the spare tire,…

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Let’s Make a Splash with Water Aerobics

I know what you are thinking. You want me to get into what? A bathing suit! Are you crazy?! No, and actually I think that you are going to like today’s activities. Water aerobics are a lot of fun, relatively easy to do regardless of body shape or size, and best of all, a great cardio…

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