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    Nancy – At 62, changing to a healthier lifestyle!

    Nancy is a returning client to PFC. She loved the challenging workouts in the beautiful scenery of Southern California. At 62 she has gained confidence in her abilities to do hard things. The trainers are exceptional, the food far exceeded her expectations. Nancy is a vegetarian and enjoyed the healthy variety she was served. Whether you’re a couch potato or a fitness buff, Premier Fitness Camp is for you, and you can do it!

    Maile – Loved her Culinary Fit Experience!

    Maile spent a month at PFC. She spent her last week in the culinary fit program and learned she loves to cook! She learned real practical skills to take home from each department – Think – Eat – Move. She lost 4 % body fat, and 13 inches off her body! Maile is excited to continue on her journey with her family at home.

    Eric – Gained control of his health again

    Erics results went far beyond weightloss. He gained control of his health again. After spending a month at PFC, he feels younger, he’s moving better, he has a plan to continue, and has found the answer for life long health. Eric lost 20.5 lbs, 3.7% body fat, and 13 inches off his body.

    Martha – 3 take home lessons on Think, Eat, Move

    I learned I’m stronger than I think. I set goals that scared me, but I was able to reach them. I made lifelong friends. I learned how to create my own workout, create balanced meals, and change my mindset. I learned how to change my self talk for the better.

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Mike F.

Lost 122 lbs

Start Weight: 340 lbs
End Weight: 218 lbs


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