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    So Exceeded My Expectations

    PFC so exceeded my expectations. In the thinking part, exercise part, and eating part. I feel I am stronger, not just physically. I feel I am mentally stronger and refreshed, I feel more playful after being here. I feel I gained an internal strength back.

    PFC Made Working Out Fun

    PFC made working out FUN. This is not like going to the gym for 8 hours. They make it fun, it’s a blast here. I would definitely do more than 1 week if you can.

    Trainers and Food Were Top Notch

    PFC client testimonial: It was all Fun! The trainers have a way of explaining things in such a professional way, that you can understand. The food was a big thing for me. I knew I would be on a restricted diet and I was nervous, but never once was a I hungry at PFC. Every meal was delicious. I learned you don’t have to eat an enormous quantity to be satisfied. I feel fantastic and I’m way stronger than I was before.

    Self Care, Self Confidence, and Life Changing

    Coming here was a gift. I came here because I’m so accustomed to giving to others and never gave to myself. I’ve been reminded that I must give to myself and become whole before I can give to others. Coming here has changed my life. It has improved my self worth and self confidence. This is the place to be. PFC is the way to go!

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Mike F.

Lost 122 lbs

Start Weight: 340 lbs
End Weight: 218 lbs

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