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A New Weight Loss Retreat Fit for Foodies

Written By Joni Hargrave • 2 min read

Are you ready to have your wildest weight loss dreams come true?
I hope you’re sitting down.


Imagine a weight loss program that begins each day in a 5 star resort setting, greets you with the freshness of crisp, California coast air, sheds major lbs. from exhilarating workouts with elite fitness trainers, and spoils you with a top wellness chef whose food will send your tastebuds on vacation and your waistline straight to the nearest Nordstrom for a new wardrobe!
Oh and one more thing, YOU actually get to try the chef hat on and master how to become your home’s own top wellness chef.


Meet Culinary Fit, the newest addition to join PFC Fitness Camp’s repertoire of interest-minded weight loss programs (others include Spa Fit, Tennis Fit and Golf Fitness) that revives the kitchen as a true place of healing, helping individuals achieve extreme weight loss and life long wellness through the mind, body, spirit and best of all, food.


If you you’ve ever been to a standard weight loss program like Canyon Ranch, Cal-a-Vie or The Ranch in Malibu, you are familiar with the protocol… early morning workouts, meal, workout, meal, lecture, meal, and repeat. Food is simply fuel to move on to the next activity.
But what if food became equal parts of the weight loss equation?


We took a cue from Hippocrates “let food be thy medicine” and paired it with top wellness chef, Chef Jason Kieffer and Sous Chef, Anthony Rodriguez to create a weight loss and fitness program made for foodies who want to step up their health and culinary game.


After a morning of invigorating workouts, lectures from top health experts and gourmet, fat burning meals, guests of Culinary Fit hit the kitchen with Chef Kieffer and Chef Rodriguez to learn the groundwork of how to create a healing kitchen of flavorful foods and realistic menus to easily apply at home.


From knife skills, gastronomy and healthy entertaining to meal prep, calorie control and developing nutrient-dense plates, Culinary Fit arms campers with endless fat-burning recipes and culinary tricks to make cooking a fun, indispensable weight loss tool for the rest of their lives.

Sample Culinary Fit Schedule

6:30 AM Nutrition Shake

7:00 AM Beach Booty Camp

8:00 AM Breakfast – Coconut Farro Oatmeal

9:00 AM TRX Suspension Training

10:30 AM Energy Snack – Sesame Ginger Chicken Salad 

11:00 AM Boxing & Core Strength

12:00 PM Lunch & Learn – Tangy Shrimp Stir Fry

1:30 PM Knife Skills

2:30 PM Building a Healthy Pantry

3:30 PM Spice, Seasoning & Sauces

5:00 PM Dinner – Blackened Ahi with Roasted Vegetables

With a SoCal coastal setting, exhilarating workouts, and gourmet, metabolism boosting meals, PFC Fitness Camp’s Culinary Fit program boasts a delectable wellness experience weight loss camp seekers won’t find anywhere else.

For more information and to book today, visit: https://www.premierfitnesscamp.com/culinary-fit

Now, Who’s hungry for weight loss?

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