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siblings lose weight together at Premier Fitness Camp

Siblings Shape Up Together at PFC Fitness Camp!

Written By Joni Hargrave • 4 min read

Names: Chris and Elaine Marcinew
Relationship: Brother and Sister
Hometowns: Canada
The Results: 
Elaine – Her heart health improved by 50% according to lab results. BONUS: Lost inches around her thighs and waist and improved metabolism
Chris – Toned his stomach, gained muscle and improved his Cardio

There’s no sibling rivalry here! Chris and Elaine rose to the top when they decided to pursue the journey to optimal health together at PFC Fitness Camp. After Elaine was diagnosed with severe heart problems from her doctor, she knew she needed to make some major lifestyle changes with the support of her best friend and big brother by her side.  The dynamic duo were quick to become in inspiration to the PFC team and their fellow campers by motivating, inspiring and pushing each other and everyone around them. From improving her heart health and whittling her waist size to increasing his muscle, Chris and Elaine conquered their health goals in tandem during their week experience at PFC Fitness Camp.

 1. What was your life like before PFC Fitness Camp?

Since we don’t live in the same city anymore, we lead different lifestyles, but somewhat similar in certain regards. We didn’t eat enough throughout the day, we only minimally exercised – mostly dog walking at parks or some random hikes on weekends in the mountains, but nothing substantial. Work, of course, got in the way and we both felt exhausted by the time we got home, walked the dogs and ate dinner. Food was eaten when hungry and or when bored for comfort.

 2. The Game Changer – What made you decide to come to PFC together? Was there a tipping point?

My health deteriorated to the point where my cortisol levels were so high from stress, I developed an issue with my heart. My doctor recommended a large lifestyle change, and so my brother Chris decided to help me with this journey and learn a bit of mental health along the way – not expecting to learn so many more things that would eventually change his own life.


 3. What did you gain by coming to PFC together as brother and sister? 

Chris and I have always been very close siblings, but our experience at PFC improved how we communicate with one another and made us more open to discussing what was important to us individually. It absolutely improved our motivation and gave us the inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle, to take care of one another and to not let things get as far as they did to make a change. We’ve supported each other along the way by texting various recipes, talking about ways we are keeping in shape or trying to one up each other with certain fitness goals. We now spend more time in the same city while trying to keep one another mentally in check as well!

We also gained an extended family while we were there. The complete strangers we met on day one quickly became our family throughout the 2 weeks we spent at camp and we’ve  kept in touch! Throughout this journey we have met such amazing people from all walks of life and learned that everyone has a story, their own tipping point and reasons beyond weight loss that leads them to PFC. Seeking positivity and support from the right people is doable and now we have lifelong friends forever that we regularly stay in touch with and have supported one another along the way.

 4. What was the most challenging and rewarding part of going to PFC as siblings?

The most challenging part, for us as brother and sister was trying to respect our individual “story” and learning how to communicate our needs without hurting the other. We are also very competitive, so it was tough for me to not be able to keep up with Chris in certain physical challenges, however on the flip-side, Chris found it challenging to do the behavioral health portion of the program “competing” with my degree is in psychology.

The most rewarding piece for us as siblings, is how connected we became to one another as a unit and with the others in the group. We felt as though we conquered a few things together – making others feel empowered, while they helped us do the same. We pushed one another daily and held each other accountable when we felt defeated. We made sure that we acted as a “team” to be a positive influence for others experiencing a harder time than us. Chris became protective of me at times, as well, due to my health – something I had never experienced before.


5. How has your PFC experience changed your life at home?

My health has improved by 50% according to tests run by the doctor. We have both joined specific workout facilities where we are doing things that we enjoy for fitness: Chris and spin class, me and kickboxing/cross fit training. Our relationship has become more open and we’re comfortable expressing things that may have potentially caused a problem before. We have both recently found positive partners in our lives that are supportive of our journey and want to come next year with us to PFC Fitness Camp since we spoke so highly of it and others around us have visually observed our results. We know how to keep perspective and maintain a healthy lifestyle now and know that we are supported along the way!

 Chris and Elaine’s FitTips:

  1. Don’t let a scale dictate a thing! The changes in the body have empowered us to finally own who we are and be proud of it – regardless of weight loss
  2. Communicate with people who are positive and supportive – you’ll feel a sense of empowerment and accountability
  3. Plan your meals ahead! It helps keep you motivated to stay on track


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