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How To Crush a Workout Like a PFC Trainer

Written By admin • 1 min read

Sometimes, even the most fit and healthy people have trouble getting through their workouts. Take PFC Trainer, Kandice! She’s strong, tough and she definitely leads by example when it comes to her health and fitness. However, like many of us, she sometimes struggles with keeping herself motivated to workout.

Straight from the expert herself, Kandice is sharing her top 5 tricks that she uses when she needs that extra boost of motivation–keep reading to get the trainer’s insight and see how you can start crushing all your workouts with her tips!

1. Tell Someone about Your Workout 

When you tell someone else about your plan to workout it actually has a way of keeping you accountable. I will usually tell my roommate or my boyfriend when and what I am planning on doing. The more that I talk about it, the more likely that I will do it!

2. Find a New Album on 8tracks

8tracks is an app that gives you access to albums that users create themselves. Something that’s always motivated me is good workout music that gets me on my feet and ready to move!

3. Set Out Your Training/Gym Bag Beforehand

I set out a bag in advance so that I can just grab it when I’m on the go. It should have all of your workout essentials: tennis shoes, change of clothes, and I like to include a post-workout drink. By prepping a bag, you’re already gearing yourself up for your workout and now you just have to get there!

4. Buy Yourself a New Outfit

I don’t know about you, but when I find a nice workout outfit that’s fashionable and functional, I can’t wait to wear it! This is the perfect way to motivate yourself because where else are you going to rock that new pair of lulus?

5. Espresso Shots!

These little shots of goodness give me an extra pump without taking any pre-workout supplements. If you’re feeling a little sluggish and need a little pep in your step, give these a whirl. Once you’re energized, you’ll be ready to tackle any workout that comes your way!


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