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Simple Habits of Wellness Experts: Tips From the PFC Team

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When it comes to building and maintaining healthy habits, it doesn’t have to be drastic, hour-long workouts or extreme dieting. Small decisions add up over time and boast major health benefits beyond the simple actions. We polled simple habits of wellness experts from the PFC Fitness Camp team. From the fitness trainers and nutritionist, to marketing and sales, the PFC Team shares their simple wellness habits to be healthier every day!


Michael Mantell, Ph.D.

Director of Transformational Behavior Coaching

Enjoy morning coffee with my “Caffeinated Corner” group at our nearby Starbucks.
Having a social life plays an important influence on our mental health and longevity. Social connections like Dr. Mantell’s coffee group are every bit as powerful as restful sleep, good diets and exercise. Many studies have show that people who have healthy relationships with family, friends and their community are happier, have higher self-confidence, live longer and bear fewer health problems.
Need a social network? Look up volunteer opportunities, connect with people from work outside of work, join a religious small group or create your own weekly group outing with family and existing friends. 


Jessica Janc
Director of Nutrition

I say what I am grateful for every night before I go to bed.
Giving thanks besides around the thanksgiving table really is good for you! There is actually proven scientific benefits of gratitude that can impact your life tremendously. According to the Journal of Psychosomatic Research a few benefits of gratitude include: better sleep, increased self-esteem, increased resilience, and a big boost in hopefulness and happiness.
Tonight try saying or jotting down 3 things you are grateful for. 


Jason Kieffer
Executive Wellness Chef

I practice Transcendental Meditation and Sound Therapy
A daily meditation practice boasts health benefits beyond simply active rest. It may seem like there is not enough time to sit for 20 minutes with your eyes closed, doing nothing, but in the long run, the act of meditation can actually make you more efficient at work and throughout your day. According to our friends at the Chopra Center, a regular mediation practice is proven to relieve stress and anxiety by decreasing stress hormones, lowers cholesterol levels, anti-aging with increased production of DHEA, promotes a more restful sleep and restores the brain.
Want to try it out? Join Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey for a 21-Day guided mediation experience. It’s FREE and a great introduction to meditation and the habit of meditating. 


Wendy Sallin
Director of Fitness

Drink 2 large glasses of water first thing in the morning
This is a killer every-morning habit. After a (hopefully) restful 7-8 hour slumber, you are dehydrated when you wake, so you need to replenish! Besides quenching thirst, water first thing is known to fire up your metabolism, help your body flush out toxins, you are likely to eat less (sometimes thirst is masked as hunger), and refuels your brain! Brain tissue is 75% water, so less water = less fuel which leads to fatigue and mood fluctuations.
Tonight, set an alarm for shortly after you normally wake to remind you to drink up first thing tomorrow!


Mary Chilcote
Program Specialist

Read something inspirational every morning
This is an easy one that takes (depending on the length of your read) less than 2 minutes. Starting the day with something inspirational—a quote or devotion infuses your brain with uplifting messages, motivation and positive concepts which puts you in an optimal mindset for the rest of your day.
One of my favorites is Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success


Tony Johnson
Fitness Trainer

End each day in reflection and journaling
Journaling doesn’t have to mean the “dear diary” we often think of when we hear the word “journal.” In fact scientific studies continue to prove the many benefits of journaling. In a recent article, The Huffington Post shares some surprising health benefits we’re loving! Journaling brings you to a state of mindfulness, which has a strong connection to happiness. The act of jotting also has been known to help achieve goals. Weight loss, work, aspirations… writing goals signals your brain to flag relevant opportunities and tools to achieve that goal. Think of it as a psychological blueprint. Journaling is also a powerful form of healing—emotionally and physically, it acts as an emotional release to improve your immunity, lower anxiety and induce better sleep. If you have been to PFC, you have a bright orange journal begging you to start writing!


Kerri Cerundolo
Sous Chef

I look at my gym schedules and plan my workouts for the week
Kerri has nailed this healthy habit! By creating a daily and weekly schedule, you keep yourself focused, motivated and well on your way to your fitness goals. Time is that tricky concept we can never seem to find, yet somehow we find time to brush our teeth, eat breakfast, commute to work, and make dentist appointments. The key is to treat your workouts just as you would to other activities (like the dentist or work). When you plan ahead you will find that you are more able to fit exercise into that crazy, busy schedule than you thought.
This week when you are filling out your google calendar of work todos and appointments, schedule in your workouts as well. If it’s in the calendar, then you’ve found the time!


Kandice Chavez
Fitness Trainer

Grocery shop and meal prep once per week.
Trust us, food prepping is worth your time. When trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, having healthy food options on hand is critical. If you put in the time on one day (say Sunday), then the rest of your week is a breeze! Plan your weekly big meals (i.e. dinner) and make enough for each dinner to extend to lunch the next day. Also get a few healthy snack recipes to make in bulk that are easy to grab on the go. Chef Kieffer’s Sesame Ginger Chicken Salad with gluten free crackers is one of my favorites! 


Kaleigh (Doug) Douglas
Program Coordinator

I drink a fermented shot every day.
There is a local company in San Diego called Happy Pantry that makes a fermented shot called the Demonic Tonic, an apple cider-based vinegar elixer infused with immunity-boosting properties like ginger, turmeric and raw honey, and packed with b-vitamins and gut-healthy probiotics. This type of shot is great to ward off winter cold season which is right around the corner! If you are local, pick up a Demonic Tonic this week or make your own simple concoction: Combine 1/2 lemon juiced, 1″ ginger juiced, a dash of cayenne and a squeeze of raw honey. 


Renee Havlusch
Fitness Trainer

I jump up and down 10 times in the morning to activate my lymphatic system
A well functioning lymphatic system is key to health and vitality. Think of it as your built-in sanitation center that filters out the bad toxins and absorbs the good vitamins from the digestive tract and delivers to cells throughout your body. The lymphatic system is also an essential part of the immune system that fights infection and produces disease-fighting white blood cells. Jumping is one of the most efficient ways to reduce lymphatic congestion and exercise every cell in the body.
Wherever you are right now, jump around, it does the body good!


Joni Hargrave
Marketing Director

Spend at least an hour outdoors every day
Taking your workout outdoors, or swapping your lunch break for a stroll in nature is a breath of fresh air for your entire body. It’s a natural means of getting vitamin D which has been linked to the prevention of diabetes, auto immune disorders and heart disease. Another pro of getting outdoors is the exercise. It’s tough to get outside without moving. Even a light walk has incredible health benefits, especially in contrast to sitting, aka the smoking of our generation (which most of us do all day from 9-5!).
Next time you are considering the treadmill, ditch it for a jaunt outside. You are likely to exert more energy and because the scenery is always changing, you are likely to enjoy it more and do it for a longer period. OR if you are at a 9-5, ditch your desk-side lunch plans for a stroll and nosh outside. 




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