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This vs. That: Quest Chips vs. Pop Chips

Written By admin • 1 min read

Every once in a while… alright, more than every once in a while, we crave something salty and crunchy. With so many brands offering “healthier” versions of chips, it’s tough to navigate what the better option is when the the salty-crunchy craving hits! PFC Nutritionist, Jessica Janc compared two well-known healthier crunchy brands to give you her take on the better option for This vs. That: Quest Chips vs. Pop Chips.

Quest BBQ Chips (1 Bag)
130 Calories
3.5g fat
0g Sat fat
10mg cholesterol
280mg sodium
4g carbs
2g fiber
0g sugar
22g protein

Benefits: Quest Chips are great on-the-go protein source, low in fat and without sugar, that gives you the same satisfaction of eating chips. And bonus, because of the protein content (22 grams!), you will be way more satiated then eating chips by themselves.
The downfall: Quest Chips are made out of whey protein, so if you have any issues with whey or dairy, you may have a hard time digesting Quest Chips.

Pop BBQ Chips (1 Bag)
120 Cal,
4g fat,
0g Sat fat,
0g cholesterol
200mg sodium
18g carbs
1g fiber
3g sugar
2g protein

Benefits: Pop BBQ Chips are higher in potassium and just a tad lower in calorie than the Quest Chips. This crunchy treat is also made with all whole ingredients, and does not contain any saturated fat.
The Down Fall: With only 2 grams of protein per bag, you will need to add another source of protein to this snack in order to feel more satisfied with less, otherwise you may want another bag!

Although both options are a better-for-you option than regular chips, Quest Chips are your best bet. I am always looking for quick protein options on the go, but whenever I or my clients grab a bag of something like Pop Chips, the bag is gone in seconds and you left hungry for more salt. Because of the high protein content in Quest Chips, you are much less likely to over-due snack time and feel satiated until your next meal.

However, as with any packaged and processed foods, be mindful that there still is such a thing as over doing it, so try to limit your consumption and opt for whole food snacks as much as possible.


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