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For Weight Loss

Physician Designed. University Tested.

After a year long study conducted by the University of California San Diego,  results concluded that the average PFC client can expect to experience significant weight loss in a relatively short period of time while maintaining lean muscle and metabolic capability.


Baseline Medical & Fitness Assessment

The first step in reaching optimal health is understanding your body. Upon arrival at PFC Fitness Camp, we perform a comprehensive body assessment and fitness test to measure cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat, weight and physical condition. This helps you and our trainers understand any physical or internal limitations to ensure the most appropriate supplementations are implemented for effective weight loss results.


Live Blood Analysis

Working alongside the world’s foremost nutritionist to today’s top athletes and Fortune 500 companies, PFC partnered with Randall R. Grant of Divine Nature to help demystify our client’s digestive woes, improve nutritional absorption, metabolism of food and aid in weight loss goals through Live Blood Analysis. All PFC packages include a Live Blood Analysis along with a health evaluation and nutrition consultation. Click Here for more information on Live Blood Analysis.


DEXA: Bone Density Scan

The DEXA Machine from GE is the most accurate body compositions scan available in healthcare and offered to all of our guests through PFC’s partnership with the University of California San Diego. As an extension of the PFC program, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with UCSD’s top physicians to measure and assess your before and after bone health on the DEXA Machine.

DEXA scan available for additional fee.  


Clinical Exercise and Physiology

Long term studies prove that sustainable weight loss is a result of increasing metabolism, and the best way to increase metabolism is to engage all lean muscle stores. The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has provided 3rd party testing and education for our program from the very beginning and even they were amazed by the results. After a year of testing, UCSD found that most of our long-term clients  not only maintained lean muscles stores but even increase them compared to other weight loss programs. UCSD leads weekly workshops at PFC to help our clients understand the latest in proven exercise and physiology.


Life Wellness Institute

Founded by the internationally acclaimed Dr. Lee Rice, the Life Wellness Institute is a revolutionary wellness establishment that specialize in facilitating positive life-transformations.  Offering the highest degree of patient-centric care, Life Wellness practices state of the art preventative medicine through a three-step process of assessment, education and life-restyling. We partnered with Dr. Rice as our Chief Wellness Officer to offer our clients immediate access to top medical professionals during their stay. Dr. Rice and his team of health experts help our clients define realistic health-related goals and develop a wellness business plan for success.


The Gold Standard for Fitness, Health & Behavioral Science Professionals

ACE (The American Council On Exercise and Fitness) leads the fight against physical inactivity and obesity educating, certifying and speaking for a network of over 50,000 fitness professionals, health coaches and other wellness experts. At PFC Fitness Camp, you will experience the best of ACE-certified trainers, life coaches and the Senior Fitness Consultant for Behavioral Science behind ACE’s program, Dr. Michael Mantell, Ph.D.  Nationally acclaimed behavioral science coach and named “The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness”  from greatist.com, Dr. Mantell leads PFC’s behavioral health program delivering an unrivaled service devoted entirely to you reaching your optimal health.

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From London to Los Angeles and all over the world, PFC has a special way of uniting various cultures, personalities, ages, fitness levels and goals into one very connected family, forming bonds that last far beyond their journey at PFC. Stay connected and follow along.

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