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Leslie Beat a Crippling Heart Condition and Transformed Her Life at PFC

Written By Joni Hargrave • 0 min read

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Name: Leslie

Hometown: Riverside, Iowa

Lbs. Lost: 18.5 lbs. 8.5 in.

After enduring a life-threatening heart condition, Leslie had all but given up on life. Fear overshadowed her confidence, food consoled her pain and weight crippled her ability to enjoy life. One call to PFC Fitness Camp, a plane ticket to California, and 6-weeks of intense training later, Leslie transformed every aspect of her life. She’s 18.5 lbs. lighter, dropped 8.5 inches in her waist, cut her triglycerides in half and regained her self confidence. She is a new woman and living once again. Watch her inspiring story to learn about her life changing experience!

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