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Husband and Wife Team Up to Slim Down!

Written By Joni Hargrave • 3 min read

Names:  Christopher and Jennifer Janostin
Relationship: Husband and Wife
From: Calgary Alberta
Total Lbs. Lost Together: 37lbs
We are so excited to share this PFC Canadian couple’s weight loss journey towards optimal health! Having the accountability of a spouse can make such an impact on health goals and Chris and Jenn learned that pretty quickly after coming to PFC for a fitness retreat. The couple dropped almost 4o lbs. together and literally became a PFC power couple after their experience at Camp. Read on to learn how they went from “I” to “we” to support their health goals.
1. What was your life like before PFC Fitness Camp?
Jenn had been struggling with her weight and although she would try to eat better, it was hard because we were not working as a team with the same knowledge and goals. We did not work out together or do a lot of physical activities together.
2. The Game Changer – What made you come to PFC Fitness Camp together?
Jenn came and spent four weeks at PFC. I came to visit and was amazed at the progress that she had made and how good she felt about herself. She enjoyed the people, worked out really hard and had a lot of fun. That sounded great to me so we decided to come down for a week together.
3. What did you gain coming to PFC Fitness Camp as a couple?
We found that we really enjoyed working out together. When we are both on the same page- regarding the understanding of lifestyle choices, eating and exercise, it makes it a lot easier to support each other in reaching our individual goals. We also found that we could push as well as swear at each other while we were working out and it was fun!
4. What was the most rewarding part of coming to PFC as a couple?
The most rewarding part of coming together as a couple is seeing how we are progressing towards our goals. We also are inspired by each other because of the effort and desire to improve that we see in each other. We are very fortunate that we respect each other and understand that we each have our own journeys towards a healthy lifestyle.
5.What was the “Ah Ha” moment for both of you in regards to your individual health?
For me, The biggest change was the live blood analysis. I was astonished at how poor my blood looked and it was in all honesty a life changing moment. I planned my return visit to see what the change would be after following the nutritional advice. Before returning I knew that I was feeling much better and I was so happy to see the improvements when I returned. Even though you may look healthy and feel okay, there are so many things that can be going on inside of you that you are not aware of.
For Jenn, she learned that meal planning was essential in her success because without structure she could get off track really quickly. She also learned that she can push herself much farther than she ever thought possible which completely changed how she works out today.
6. How has PFC changed your life at home?
First and foremost, we discuss what our meals are going to be like, then we plan and do grocery shopping together. We also do some prep work for our meals on Sundays. Next we discuss our schedule of activities and work to schedule our workouts both together and individually. Lastly, something i’m pretty proud of, I have actually cooked the turkey meatloaf we learned to make at PFC and it was really good! I do not cook so this was a real achievement for me!
Chris & Jenn FitTips:
1. Eat Often. Do not miss your snacks!
2. Even just twenty minutes of activity is better than nothing, so get off the couch and cut out the excuses!
3. Plan, plan, plan. If you have a plan for meals and activities, it is so much easier to stick to it.

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